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Sharing on Poshmark

Sharing On Poshmark Made Easy

  • Are you struggling to make sales?

  • Are you tired of putting in so much work into your Poshmark closet with nothing to show for it?

Well, you’ve come to the RIGHT place.


Sharing is the only way to quickly get more exposure of your closet items.
Using our service you can expect more closet views, leading to more sales!
we will share your Poshmark closet by the thousands, reaching more people than you’ve ever dreamed of.

Poshmark has become one of the BIGGEST fashion / social marketplaces on the internet, and one of the only ways to really get the products in your closet out there is by sharing. sharing on poshmark

It can literally take what seems like an eternity to share your closet over and over, and sharing it by yourself, to the SAME followers isn’t going to get you much exposure.

The Poshmark Sharer will breathe new life into your closet, pushing every item in front of a set of NEW eyes because we only hire the BEST poshers with THOUSANDS of personal followers & beast closets.

Why we are the best.

  • No Bots

Poshmark Sharer operates in a totally organic state, which means, your closet will never be spammed or be flagged for abuse. We rely on our network of real users, our team consists of suggested, high level poshmark sellers. Not some network of sharing bots. These bots can get your account banned.

  • Help Boost Sales

Our closet sharing service will help you increase sales and make the money you work so hard for.

  • Maximum Exposure

Your closet will be shared and viewed by thousands of people from all over, exposure is key to making sales.

Are you excited yet?

It only gets better, people are making killer sales everyday and their profits are going through the roof because the offers on items are pouring in.

REAL customer emails:

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! your service has helped me tremendously! I have kids and hardly have ANY time for sharing on Poshmark, your sharing service saved me so much time! Im spending more time with my kids while also making money!!! THANK YOU!!”

 Jenniffer – Old Bridge, NJ

“I just wanted to drop by to say thank you for your services, I ordered your basic package yesterday, and already I have 3 offers, and its only 10:30am! lol! 

Audrey – FT Lauderdale, FL

“Ive been doing this for a while, and i cannot get the volume of shares that you guys get me!, I WILL be ordering again real soon, ive been getting offers EVERY SINGLE DAY single i ordered your service, I just want to thank you again for being so amazing! 

Catie – Brooklyn, NY


Let us do all your sharing on Poshmark


sharing on poshmark

 Your thinking this is going to be expensive.

Well think again.

Our basic package is only $4.99, and you get 1,100 shares!!!

We have other plans and levels of service you can check out for yourself in our SHOP

Still want more info? check out our FAQ






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  1. I absolutely love you gals you made weekend so nice and easy going i made a few sales which was awesome and so UNEXPected so thank you you are the bomb!!

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