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    Poshmark Sharer Case Study #1

    How I made $222 In A Day On Poshmark! Are you frustrated because your not getting sales? Or not as many as you’d like?    *Case Study: Mandy 34, from Long Island, New York was in the same boat. “People would bundle, comment & ask me a ton of questions… but never buy anything… I was wondering if there was something wrong with my choice of clothes I was displaying in my poshmark closet…” But that wasnt the case. Her closet just needed a bit more exposure. “I heard about Poshmark Sharer through a friend of mine who had used the service several times before, and she told me I…

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    Sharing on Poshmark

    Sharing On Poshmark Made Easy Are you struggling to make sales? Are you tired of putting in so much work into your Poshmark closet with nothing to show for it? Well, you’ve come to the RIGHT place.   Sharing is the only way to quickly get more exposure of your closet items. Using our service you can expect more closet views, leading to more sales! we will share your Poshmark closet by the thousands, reaching more people than you’ve ever dreamed of. Poshmark has become one of the BIGGEST fashion / social marketplaces on the internet, and one of the only ways to really get the products in your closet out there is…

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    Tips For Re-Selling Shoes on Poshmark

    Poshmark tips for selling shoes Beware, shoes will steal your SOLE. HAH!   You can find shoes at a thrift store or in the garbage, but either way, shoes are a woman’s best friend, I know because my wife sleeps with her shoe collection, and she keeps them all in dust covers and takes really good care of them. Shoes get their own chapter for a reason, they are the most abused article of clothing, and you really need to pay attention to detail when buying second hand shoes. When shoe shopping in a thrift store, check out your brand names. If you want to sell JUST shoes, I personally…