Contacting Poshmark Customer Service

The elusive Poshmark customer service, some say it’s a myth, some say emails are only answered on every full moon.
Poshmark customer service is always a hot topic amongst the Poshmark community. We’ve all, at one point needed to reach out to Poshmarks customer service.

Poshmark states that their “goal” is to respond to emails within 24 hours, however we know a legit response back from Poshmark (not automated) is rare within 24 hours. Below are some tips on how to approach Poshmarks customer service, for possibly a faster response.


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Emailing poshmark ( Support@Poshmark.com ) should always be your first action. After you’ve emailed Poshmark, a non-automated reply can take 2-days or more. Within your email, get your entire point across in one shot, don’t leave any details out. Your email should include the who, what, where, when and how’s, for example; why are you emailing, what is the issue in detail, when did the issue begin, how do you think it can be fixed. If you are emailing Poshmark in regards to an order, make sure you include your order number. You could write Poshmark 900 pages, but if you don’t have that order/case number you won’t get anything accomplished.

Social Media

Just like the rest of the world, you can find Poshmark on multiple social media platforms such as, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube (links below). Many Poshmark users said they noticed a faster response once they contacted Poshmark via social media, AFTER they emailed.

Poshmark DOES say that reaching out via social media will not result in faster response times however, it does seem to work. Poshmark seems to reply via Facebook message, many people haven’t had any luck via Instagram DM.

Phone Number

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Before I begin, let me get all my laughter out…..ok, much better.

Poshmark has an impressive 4 million users, and is growing by leaps and bounds every day. Poshmark users have collectively sold a whopping $1,000,000,000 (ONE BILLION DOLLARS) worth of items within the Poshmark platform, so what does this mean for Poshmark? Poshmark collects a hefty 20% cut out of each sale completed. So, let’s painstakingly do the math on this, 20% of one billion equals $200,000,000 (Two Hundred Million). Ok, those are a lot of zero’s, I’ll let that sink in for a minute.

Now that we have all those numbers out in the open, let me give you the numbers to the Poshmark customer support line…oh, that’s right, THERE IS NO PHONE LINE! How ridiculous does this sounds, a company that boasts about its users and the community, yet there is no phone number, yes we are throwing shade. I’d estimate that 95% of the companies on the “Poshmark level” have a phone line. So, before you put all those Gucci bags in one basket remember, if there is an issue with your order, it will take a very long time to get to the bottom of your issues. For high-end items, we all suggest you purchase those from reputable platforms with a customer service phone number.

There is a “Poshmark phone number” making its way around the internet however, it’s a bullshit number that no one ever answers. If you’re lucky the automated voicemail will play, and you will get the option to leave a voicemail that will never be listened to. You can find that phone number, as well as other forms of contact at the bottom of this blog.

Snail Mail

I don’t know anyone that has physically wrote, and mailed a letter to Poshmark headquarters however, it is an option. So, if the pony-express is your thing, and you don’t mind waiting, bust out your cutest Papyrus notebook and start writing. I really can’t imagine someone physically writing you a letter back however, we are going to give it a try!
We will post the results to our Instagram, so make sure you follow us!

In conclusion, getting a hold of Poshmark is a waiting game, so play it well. Get your entire message across, complete with detail within your 1st email. Don’t forget to reach out via social media, we‘re not promising you that you will be answered quicker however, it did seem to help for many of us. Please remember to be kind to your Poshmark customer service agent. It’s not their fault Poshmark does not have a phone number.

What are your experiences with Poshmarks customer service?

Comment below your thoughts and tips, and don’t forget to leave the links to your Poshmark closets below!


Poshmark Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Poshmark/

Poshmark Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/poshmark/

Poshmark Twitter: https://twitter.com/poshmarkapp

Poshmark YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/PoshmarkLIVE

Poshmark Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/teamposhmark

Poshmark HQ: Poshmark Inc, 101 Redwood Shores Pkwy, 3rd Floor, Redwood City, CA 94065, United States.

Poshmark Email: Support@Poshmark.com

Poshmark “Phone” number: +1 (650) 262-4771



  • Angela Pangburn

    Just wanted to say thanks for this helpful article Erica! And yes it is absolutely laughable with how big poshmark is and taking over 25% of each sale you think we would deserve a way to get ahold of customer service and not having to wait half a week for a reply. Legally I dont think a business this big should be allowed to not have a way to be contacted immediately by phone. Just seems ass backwards to me. I dunno how they get away with it. Just had a customer steal over $325 worth of products from me on poshmark and they asked for a return and returned an empty box to me… poshmark has not only not released my payment but they arent replying and I am about to be short on my rent waiting for them. Ive asked them if I should contact the police to report this theft but no reply…

    • Erica Car

      Hi Angela, thank you for the kind words! I 100% agree with you, A company as big as Poshmark should have a support line. I too have lost cases on Posh and it stinks when it happens. It feels like your hands are tied behind your back and there’s no help anywhere. Have you reach out to the BBB in regards to this case. By opening a BBB case you might be able to reopen your Poshmark case solely between you and Poshmark and not the buyer. Poshmark will have to respond to the BBB so this may be your best option. If you go ahead and try that, please let me know if it helped! Wishing you all the best, Erica

  • Nicole Miller

    Just found this post because I too was having issues with Poshmark. My thought is that for a company this large it is absurd that they micro manage every transaction. As they get bigger this will become impossible. I have issues with every interaction as it is. I almost pull my hair out every time I reach out. They need to make returns that are agreed upon by both buyer and seller automated. I missed a defect on a shirt that I sold and would have returned the buyers $ immediately but have to wait for customer service to approved the return…ridiculous and a waste of time!

  • Chris Zerbe

    I think I have had it with Poshmark. I have litterally emailed their support for help because I was not getting my password reset email. I am embarrassed to say I have some banked money in my account also which I was going to transfer out but I was logged out of Poshmark and it didnt reconize my credentials so i had to request a password change. I got the notice that an email was sent with instructions to change the password but i dont ever get the email to do so!! I have also gotten the response from their support center that they received my request and that they are “working hard and will get back to me”. At this point I just want my money that i have built up in my account. I have no problem closing my account as long as I can get my money out of there. Thinking I may have to report them to the BBB but I dont really know…this is so new to me…I am looking for suggestions…

    • Erica Car

      Sorry to hear about the troubles you are having, Chris. Have you reached out to @Poshmark via Instagram or Facebook? I’ve noticed that Poshmark seems to reply to comments and DM’s a bit faster. I hope your issues are resolved shortly!

  • Licia

    Thank you for this post! It totally helped ❤️ I tried them on Instagram and I asked to speak to a manager and I briefly stated what the issue was and they escalated the claim to a supervisor. This was after days and days of not getting any real reply from their other service email line. I did happen to mention that as well.

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