How to Deal with a Difficult Customer 

How to Deal with a Difficult Customer 

Difficult customers, we’ve all had at least one. Potential and current customer may get upset for many reasons, maybe the item looks different in person, maybe they are upset with an items price going up. No matter what the issue is, there is always a way to fix it! Below are some tips on how to deal with upset or difficult customers. 


Let them vent it ALL out 

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Allowing the customer to vent out all of their concerns, and feelings should always be the first step to defusing a difficult situation. Think about it, when you’re upset doesn’t it make you feel better after you vent it out? Allow as much time as necessary for your customer to defuse. After all of the emotions are out, conversing will be much easier for everyone. 



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Just like venting, you need to allow time for your customer to get their point across while explaining what their expectations are or were. No matter how unrealistic their expectations may be, allowing them to tell you exactly what they want is the best way to understand your customer. Listening to your customers’ expectations may even bring you more suggested sales. For example, let’s say your ordering at the McDonald’s drive-through, at the end of your order the cashier asks you if you would like to add on 2 apple pies for $1.00, that is considered suggestive-selling. And yes, I always get those apple pies, how could you say no!  


Fixing the Issue 

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Now that you have listened to your customer’s feelings and expectations, it’s time to fix the issues. Your customer may have said some pretty harsh things but, don’t let that upset you to the point that you’re about to lash back.  A great way to respond could be something along the lines of “I apologize for any inconvenience this may have brought you” or “Thank you for expressing your concerns, I am more than happy to help fix this issue right away”.  Showing your customers that you are willing to be negotiable and accommodating instantly tells your customer that you care. Never ignore an upset customer, even if it seems like the easiest fix it really is not, always try, even when it seems like you’re getting nowhere. At the end of the day, you know you tried your best and trying your best is nothing to feel defeated over! No one ever wins every case, it happens to us all but, not trying is the biggest fail. 



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Ok, you listened to an upset customer, they explained their expectations, feelings and what they want. You already assured your customer on how you will fix this issue, now it’s time to back your words up. Keeping your customer up to date is important for many reasons. One reason is, you show them that you care. You made your money, who cares right?… WRONG!  The most important part of a business is NOT money, it’s customer service. Without amazing, honest customer service money would be a figment of your imagination.  So, take the time to reach out, ask if they are satisfied with their item if there is anything you could do to better assist and, always remember to thank them for their purchase and support! As the saying goes, “You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar”. 


Receiving a difficult customer is inevitable. Some customers may be upset at a product damaged via shipping or, they may just not understand how it works. Always take the time to listen, offer a few solutions and, assure them you will fix the issue. There is no worse feeling than buying something and having no buyer support. Keep your customers in the loop and always update them on their purchase. Offering fantastic customer service may even bring you repeat sales, as well as recommendations! 


How do you deal with difficult customers?

Comment your approach below!

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