*Once your password is reset, we will not give out, no make public any credentials or sensitive information that belong to you, the client.
Your privacy is our #1 concern, and appreciate you trusting us with your account. Credentials such as e-mail, password, name & closet name will NEVER be shared with anyone nor any 3rd party.

As your virtual assistant, we are employed by YOU to manage your Poshmark account, specifically, and would NEVER jeopardize the integrity of your account. It is our business to see you succeed.


Sharing or following may stop abruptly, at any time, without notice, here’s why:

  • Poshmark’s algorithm has been changing recently and are introducing throttles (blocking sharing randomly, or they just want to slow you down)
  • In order to protect your account, if we encounter a throttle, we STOP all shares and check for the removal of the throttle every hour, for (6) hours.
  • If the throttle is not removed by the 6th hour, we will not try for up to 24hours (sometimes sooner). If we do not detect a throttle, we will work your closet back into the schedule (or your next scheduled share time).
  • Sometimes you may see that your closet has not been shared, please do understand that we put the safety and security of your account FIRST and foremost.We encourage communication. If you believe you are not recieing your service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
How to help prevent throttles:
During your share times, do not share or follow while we are doing so.
Each share session can last up to 2 hours each.

Poshmark Sharer is not responsible for keeping your Poshmark closet in order, although we do our best to keep your closet the same way we found it (if you are ordering shares from your account) that is up to you to fix if your closet happens to get out of sequence from Poshmark Sharer sharing. There are many reasons for this to happen (ex. you are logged in at the same time sharing as we are sharing, parties… etc)

Poshmark Sharer shares thousands of items per day, it is normal for certain items to get shared that are not supposed to get shared, this is sometimes human error, and it happens! No need to crucify us for it ūüôā But regardless, we are not responsible for unwanted items being shared.

Order Fulfillment, Password Resets & Time Windows

Orders usually start within 12-24 Hours of purchase, however, this start time depends on the client receiving the password reset e-mail and sending back a confirmation that the password was indeed reset.

Once a password reset e-mail has been sent to you, it is then your responsibility to send back confirmation of the changed password to your Poshmark account. Please note that if a password change confirmation e-mail is not received by Poshmark Sharer, your order will not begin.

Please keep in mind that for various reasons, e-mails may get lost, bounced, blacklisted or simply end up in your junk/spam folder.

Poshmark Sharer is not responsible for lost or bounced emails, if you have noticed your order has not started or there is no correspondence from us, kindly send an email to admin@poshmarksharer.com and inquire about your order, please provide your Order Number, Closet Name & E-mail address, or, simply use the contact form HERE.

Once a password reset e-mail has been sent to you, it is then your responsibility to send back confirmation of the changed password to your Poshmark account. Please note that if a password change confirmation e-mail is not received by Poshmark Sharer, your order will not begin.

Also, orders may not start within the stated 12-24 hour windows for various reasons, some of these reasons include internet outtages, throttles, shortage of staff & any other unforeseen occurrence, usually a notification will be sent out via mass e-mail message to all clients stating the problem.

If you do not see your order begin within the 1-24 hour time frame, it may be due to an isolated incident, in which we may not have control, such as a throttle or internet outtage specific to your personal VA. During which time, you may contact us with an inquiry.

Sharing may also stop abruptly at anytime due to the same reasons (power outtages, closet glitches, throttles), sometimes these things are beyond human control, and we must wait for a solution, as soon as one is found, your closet will begin being managed again.


Pausing your services or requesting for sharing to stop for an allotted amount of time is only permitted if the request is made in advance (at least 5-7 days). Therefore, any pausing of shares for any reason does not grant your expiration to be moved (unless pause request is made in advance).

Party Sharing

We do not offer party sharing officially, and our VA’s are not responsible for determining which items will go to parties and which ones will not. If party sharing is discussed or request around the time of purchase of one of our services, Poshmark Sharer will not be held responsible for items not making it to any parties during the day or evening times. We will try our best to fulfill party shares if we are sharing during the party times, but we cannot guarantee that your closet will be shared to any specific party.

Multi Month Service Purchases

Once purchased, there are NO REFUNDS – ALL SALES FINAL, so please decide carefully when selecting multiple months.

Reward Points 

Earn Reward Points with every purchase. Earn 1 point for every $20 you spend. Use your reward points towards discounted or free services. Reward points are non-transferable and cannot be cashed in. You must be logged into you free PoshmarkSharer.com account to earn these points. 

 Referral Program 

Refer¬†a friend¬†to¬†PoshmarkSharer.com and earn up to $50 per¬†referral. Your unique¬†referral¬†link is located within your account section, under ” Referral URL”.¬†¬†


  • Earn a¬†$5¬†credit when your referred friend spends $4.99-$10¬†
  • Earn¬†$10¬†credit when your referred friend spends $11-$25¬†
  • Earn¬†$25¬†credit when your referred friend spends $26-$75¬†
  • Earn¬†$35¬†when your referred friend spends $76-$199¬†
  • Earn¬†$50¬†when your referred friend spends $200+¬†


Referrals are only valid 1-time per closet. Referral credits are non-transferable and cannot be cashed in. 



Although, we do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, this does not include refunds. If you are not 100% satisfied with your service, or your order, we will do everything we possibly can (within our power) to rectify and fix the problem, our support staff is helpful and quick to respond to any question or concern. Here is what you need to know about refunds:

When our services have begun (this includes the first share), refunds cannot be granted. If you wish to receive a refund, you must do so before your shares begin (regardless of account status). Refunds of gift cards or gift certificates (including credits, coupons, points or any other form of digital currency) are not accepted.

Please understand our policies. By purchasing any of our packages, gift cards or services you are agreeing to all of the policies and disclaimers laid out on this page.