Disclaimers, Policies & Refunds - Poshmark Sharer

Disclaimers, Policies & Refunds


Poshmark Sharer is not responsible for keeping your Poshmark closet in order, although we do our best to keep your closet the same way we found it (if you are ordering shares from your account) that is up to you to fix if your closet happens to get out of sequence from Poshmark Sharer sharing. There are many reasons for this to happen (ex. you are logged in at the same time sharing as we are sharing, parties… etc)

Poshmark Sharer shares thousands of items per day, it is normal for certain items to get shared that are not supposed to get shared, this is sometimes human error, and it happens! No need to crucify us for it 🙂 But regardless, we are not responsible for unwanted items being shared.

Although the safety of your Poshmark account is of our utmost priority, and we do take precautions to help safeguard your account, please understand that this is a gray area to the Poshmark Community.

Poshmark Sharer is not responsible for accounts getting banned or restricted from within Poshmark itself.

When ordering services from your account, if you fail to respond to our emails or change your password which is provided for you, within 24hrs after purchase, your order will be forfeited and dropped from the queue. You will not be refunded or given shop credit.

By ordering our services you are agreeing to waive responsibility from Poshmark Sharer or their employee’s from any wrong doing or account consequences faced from purchasing our services (which means bans, softbans or judgements made against your account which restricts you from sharing, listing or logging in).


Once sharing has begun, refunds cannot be granted. If you wish to receive a refund, you must do so before your shares begin (regardless of account status). Please understand our policies. By purchasing any of our packages or services you are agreeing to all of the policies and disclaimers laid out on this page.