Features We Wish Poshmark Offered 

Features WWish Poshmark Offered 

Poshmark Features We Dream About


Poshmark is the top-trending fashion app for buying and selling clothes. The app is designed to allow users to easily upload photos, list and simply print shipping labels however, there are a few features that we really wish Poshmark would take into consideration.  Below is a list of features we would love to see implemented into the Poshmark app.



Support Phone Number 

Like most of us, there’s a good chance that you’ve searched high and low for a Poshmark support phone number.  Poshmark does not have a customer service phone number. They do have a voicemail-number, ((650262-4771) however, I doubt they listen to those messages, I left quite a few messages and never once received a call back or an email. With over 4 million users on Poshmark, a support phone number should be available.  Heck, Poshmark takes their 20% cut from each sale, a little support besides a week’s wait for an email reply would be awesome. 


Private Messaging 

Another feature we would like to see is, private messaging.  Communicating only within the comment section of your listing can sometimes seem a bit intimidating.  Customers may sometimes feel odd asking questions in public about your item, for example intimate items… Private messaging can really improve the buyers understanding of the product you’re selling. 



Product Video Uploads

 Image result for rotating dress gif

Kathie Lee working it in her red cape dress on TODAY Wednesday.

How cool would it be to have the option to showcase your items by uploading a video! Videos bring items to life and can also raise the value of your item.  If I saw 2 identical dress listings, one with a video that showed a 360 view of the dress displayed on a mannequin and, one that only had photos of the dress on a mannequin, I would 100% click on the listing with the video.  There are no returns allowed on Poshmark, so being able to showcase our items better, will help buyers understand the item better.



Offer Button Optional 

Please, I beg you Poshmark, make the offer button optional! Sometimes we don’t want to accept offers on certain items. I always price my items higher because I anticipate offers all the time.  Ebay has a fantastic feature which allows you to pick the format for your pricing options. You can pick from “fixed price” or “accept best offer” which really lets you take control of your profit. I don’t know about you but, sometimes I feel intimidated when receiving borderline lowball offers. Having the option to disable the offer button would make selling way more enjoyable!  


Closet Analytics (visitors, closet views, item views) 

For some of us, Poshmark is a full-time job and our only means of income. In order to successfully grow, target and understand the Poshmark platform, I believe implementing closet analytics would be a complete game changer. Being able to see how many people visit your closet a day (impressions), item view count, and what time of the day is the busiest would make selling easier.  Having these features could help you understand your closet, what brands and styles are trending, also what you need to improve 


Self-Sale Scheduling  

Poshmark is time-consuming. Some of us don’t have the time to sit in front of a computer/phone for hours lowering our prices all the time. Having a self-sale schedule option would reduce the time you spend editing all of your prices. Having an item list, complete with pricing and the option of schedule sale options would make selling a breeze. Prices would automatically lower and go back to normal on their own, scheduled how you want it, when you want it. 

Buyer / Seller Rating 

Having the option to leave a rating for buyers/sellers is a great way to weed out the bad from the good. I would love to see ALL ratings, even the 1-stars left from the buyer to the seller. Only seeing 5-star ratings is highly misleading! Personally, I believe by having the option to leave buyers feedback as well will prevent buyers from leaving unjustified reviews. Being a seller on Poshmark may seem a little scary at times, I mean you can only contact Poshmark via email which takes days for a reply.  Being able to leave buyer reviews would also make me, as a seller feel like I have some sort of support, a place where my opinion is relevant, other than private emails from Poshmark. We would love to see a buyer rating option implemented into the Poshmark app, as well as seeing all reviews from both buyer and seller, no matter the star rating. 


Of course, these features are just our ideas, and not anything Poshmark is working on. We do hope Poshmark releases some new features that help better our closets.  For starters, a customer support number would be ideal.

We want to hear your ideas!

Are there any features you would like to see within the Poshmark app, that was not mentioned above? Comment your thoughts below!

Gif Source: http://sys06-public.nbcnews.com/today/style/holiday-party-dressing-made-simple-get-kathie-lee-giffords-red-1D80373802

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