How To Get More Followers on Poshmark

The most sought after advice people always look for is, “how to get more followers on Poshmark?” If there was a magic button that I could press to make the millions of Poshmark users follow you, I would! However, I have the next best option, FACTS. Read below for tips on gaining followers on the Poshmark app. 

First thing first, stop following people who have a low “following” number, I don’t care how popular they are or, if they’re an influencer. The odds are, they won’t be following you back. Remember, the goal is to gain as many followers as you can with as little clicks as possible.



Target following is how I personally follow. I only follow Poshmark closets that have the brands I am selling, or I will follow users who like items from the brands I am selling. I have not only made more sales this way, I have sold more bundles, gained followers and received tons of shares from using the target following method. It costs nothing to try this on your own, so go ahead and give it a shot!  View the 3-step target following process below. For example I will be target follow, Christian Louboutin, because…one can dream.

1- Filter brands by clicking the brand you wish to target follow

2- Click the filter button, as circled below

3 – Filter by click the “Just Shared” then “APPLY” The good Lord knows how many times I have NOT clicked apply.

I used to follow new users but I noticed, they don’t really follow back. I don’t know if this is because they’re so new that they have no clue what is happening, or how to even follow back. I will say, it is great “Posh etiquette” to follow and welcome new users however, I wouldn’t put that much time into it. 

Another sure way to get followers is by following active Poshmark followers. There isn’t a little green button that lights up when a user is active, so you will need to follow by the “just listed” or “Just shared” lists. You can also follow those on your feed however, depending on how many people you follow, those listings may have been shared hours ago. I don’t reccomend this however, if you have the time you can also click on a users “About” to see what the last time they were active.

Photo: @SerenaWilliams, Poshmark

The follow train aka the celebrity closet is ALWAYS a must if you want quick followers however, this is a rare one. Once in a blue, Poshmark will have a celebrity closet, the most recent one was launched TODAY, pro tennis athlete and all around amazing person, @SerenaWilliams . To gain some of her following, follow hers…that’s it. All of Serena’s followers are active and also looking to gain followers on the dubbed “follow train”.  Every few hours go back to her page a follow her new followers, keep the follow train going! She has gained 3,000 followers within the last 2-hours!

 I personally have been selling on Poshmark since 2012, and I will say this, those “follow games” on Poshmark, don’t work. Come at me with pitchforks and torches but it’s a fact. No one is going to go back to the follow game and re-follow new people, or even follow any.  I must have joined at least 50 follow games and I have never seen an increase of followers. The only person who may gain some followers from it, is the person hosting the game.  

There isn’t a super-fast method to gaining followers on Poshmark, you will have to put in some work, or hire a virtual assistant like us, PoshmarkSharer.com to manually target follow for you. We currently offer 1,000 target follows for $4.99. Click here to order your Target Follows. If you are going to follow people in hopes of gaining followers in return, at least hone in by trying out the above tips. They have worked for our clients as well as our personal closets.  

Let’s start our own FOLLOW TRAIN

Comment your Poshmark Closet name/link below and start following each other!

Do you have a Poshmark tips you would like to share? 

Comment below! 


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