The Lonely Truth of an Internet Reseller

Being a full-time reseller is hard yet rewarding but the truth is, I’m lonely. Reselling full-time has opened many opportunities for me, like working my own hours, not having to commute to work as well as being able to spend time with my family. I had a career, a 9-5 that paid well, benefits included but I was never home and missed my family.  I left my career behind to work from home as a full-time online reseller and this is what happened. 



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So long office clothing, so long watercooler gossip and, hello to the Goodwill. The beginning of my new gig as a full-time online reseller had me buzzing with adrenaline and hope. I was never so excited to dig through donated-used clothing in my life! Working for yourself, after working for someone else is an exhilarating feeling. My shoulders are light, I feel refreshed and as if nothing can get in my way, but that’s the thing…nothing is in my way. 


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Like many others, I created multiple social media accounts for my Poshmark closet. By using social media to market your items you raise the chance of completing a sale by 23%. The Poshmark community is massive as well as international. There are thousands among thousands of Poshers who are active within the community and are always ready to help or banter, you can say it is a well-rounded community. Quickly I made some PFFS which I chat with every day, sometimes for hours over the phone or via text. I noticed that I emerged myself within the Poshmark community so much, that I haven’t even called or hung out with any of my friends.  


Reselling is very time consuming, keeping your closet stocked with the latest trending items takes time. The time I would have spent with friends is going into driving back and forth to the bins, the post office, listing, sharing, marketing and staying relevant within the reseller niche. This full-time reseller job is turning into 13+ hour days!  I miss my friends, I miss hanging out with people who have the same schedule like me, I miss having things in common with people my age, I miss…life. 

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I am so burnt out from working for myself. I do love working for myself, don’t get me wrong, it’s just…well, harder than I could have ever imagined. At my age (32) people are transitioning into solid career paths, growing and raising families and buying homes. This is the stage in life when we do lose some friends through these transitions, whether because they’re moving away or just growing apart, it happens and it’s ok. But this is my problem, I’m no longer mingling with the public, so I’m not replacing those real-life friends with new real-life friends. I have replaced those friends with internet friends, it’s just not the same. I miss giggling with my girlfriends over memories past, having drinks and making real-life interactions, that’ what I miss. 

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Can anyone relate to the reseller loneliness? Now, I am not saying that every reseller is lonely, I’m just saying that in this line of work, it is very easy to become lonely.  I am so very thankful for the Poshmark community and all-around reseller community. Reselling is hard and most of the time lonely. I feel a lot of pressure to look and sound a certain way online however, it’s nice to connect with others who are in the same boat. Encouraging each other and just being there to lend a helping hand, or a listening ear is one of the best things you can do for your online reseller friends. 

Have you ever felt lonely as a reseller? 

Comment your thoughts below. 

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