What is the Poshmark Affiliate Program, and How Can I Join? 


What is the Poshmark Affiliate Program, and How Can I Join?

If you thought selling clothes and accessories was the only way you could earn money on Poshmark, think again. In 2018 Poshmark announced they were launching a “Poshmark Affiliate” program. Just like any affiliate program, this Poshmark affiliate program also has its requirements as well as perks. Want to know more about the Poshmark affiliate program, and how you can cash in on this opportunity? Below you will find all the details about, Poshmark Affiliate. 

  First off, let us all get on the same page here on what an “affiliate” is. To be an affiliate or affiliated means you are officially connected to a company/person. Now, an affiliate program is an automated electronic program that involves a web advertiser (Poshmark) and recruited webmasters (You). The webmasters, as affiliates, place the company’s advertisements on their individually owned websites. The ads in affiliate programs are linked to company websites and are referred to as affiliate links. These websites could be your social media pages or your personal website.  

I know what you’re all thinking “Yea, yea yea…what are the perks?” Well, that depends on the task you’ve been given, and how many followers you have. For us, we were offered $150 for an IG post( 20k-50k followers) We’ve seen poshers offered $10 for accounts with 1,000 followers. On Poshmarks blog, they state “The Posh Affiliate program is a rewards program for social media influencers and Posh Ambassadors. Get access to fun campaigns, be invited to exclusive events, and earn cash for repping Poshmark.” 

To be considered for the Poshmark affiliate program you will need to meet certain requirements such as: 

  • A Posh Ambassador 
  • A social media influencer who has connected 1 or more social accounts to Poshmark and has at least 5,000 followers on either Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram. 


Connecting your Poshmark account to your social media is super easy and will only take a minute.  

  • Log into your Poshmark Account 
  • Click your username on the bottom right hand corner (via mobile) 
  • Scroll and click on ”Sharing Settings” 
  • Swipe to connect each account desired 

One of the perks Poshmark does boast about is the Poshmark “campaign” option. The campaign option is only available to those who are part of the Poshmark affiliate program. I’ve attempted to explain this on my own words but, Poshmark explains it so well. Below is an excerpt from Poshmarks support website. 


Once you join the Posh Affiliate program, you can manage all your campaigns from start to finish with the My Campaigns tool on Poshmark. To get started on a campaign, simply go to the Account Tab My Seller Tools > My Campaigns. 

In all your posts, the custom tracking link must be included and unaltered as part of the campaign terms that you accepted.  To find your custom tracking link, simply go to the Account Tab > My Seller Tools > My Campaigns and select the active campaign. 


Source: Poshmark

 Once your content is live on social media, complete your campaign by:

Step 1: Copying the post URL.
Step 2: Going to My Campaigns.
Step 3: Selecting the campaign.
Step 4: Pasting the post URL under your post and tap submit.

After we’ve verified your submission, your earnings will be issued to your Poshmark account as Redeemable Credit (typically, within 3-5 business days).

Please note that Poshmark reserves the right to withhold payment in the case of breach of the campaign terms. This includes but is not limited to: 

  • Posting an image to a private profile. 
  • Deliberate removal of a post. 
  • Failure to use the custom tracking link sent by Poshmark. 
  • Detection of inauthentic traffic.” 


 We keep hearing how “it’s not fair” and “now they will make more sales because Poshmark advertises them” I want to nip that mindset in the bud. This program is open to everyone. If you want it, make it happen. Make content that is valuable to the Poshmark community, make your content and surroundings aesthetically pleasing to watch. In other words, use proper lighting for your pictures and videos, be creative and unique, offer something that no one else does.  Also keep in mind, you can only participate in 1 campaign every 90 days. After 90 days, Poshmark will notify you when you have a new, available campaign.

After you accept you will be directed to your campaign tab


If you are willing to abide to all of Poshmarks rules on and off of Poshmark, and you meet the above requirements, this program is for you. Once you connect your social media / website Poshmark will reach out to you. Of course, it does not hurt to send them an email with your very own Poshmark/Social media resume, and why you think you would be beneficial to the program and company. Just like that, becoming a Poshmark influencer is obtainable to everyone. 

What are your thoughts on the

“Poshmark Affiliate” program

Comment your thoughts and tips below! 



  • Maria Carter

    Hi, I just read two of the qualifiers to participate in the affiliate program are:

    1. posh ambassador- yes
    2. Have at least 5000 followers on instagram, twitter or you tube. I don’t have 5000, so does this disqualify for the program?

    • Erica Car

      Hi Maria, I don’t believe you will be disqualified. We have seen many Poshers with 1,000-2,000 Instagram followers get accepted into the affiliate program. One noted they were offered $10 for a “campaign post” . I say, go for it!

  • lauren Elizabeth arceneaux

    I think It’s a great thing especially for those of us that are trying to make a real job of reselling!!!

  • Katiusca Baez Rosso

    Hi, I’m so confused of how to do become a Poshmark Affiliate 3 days ago I was offered the opportunity, but I think I did everything wrong because I didn’t get approve and I qualify for it! I got and email saying no post ☹️ Can anyone help me out please Step by Step how is the is actually done and get approved for next time I get the opportunity.

    Please and a Big Thank you to anyone the can help me!!! Happy Poshing

  • CuratedOnPosh

    Thank you for this article! I read it last month and I went ahead and became an affiliate. I was offered $150 for an Instagram post since I have over 20,000 followers. I already got paid, it’s legit! I have to wait 2 months until my next affiliate offer.

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