How to Buy Gifts on Poshmark

Thanksgiving is now over, our fridges are packed with Tupperware’s filled with turkey, cranberry sauce and pies. Now it’s time to start holiday shopping! Big name department stores like Macys, and Nordstrom aren’t the only places hosting amazing sales. Poshmark closets are hosting their own holiday sales, I’ve even seen a BOGO sale + free holiday wrapping!  

Buying for yourself on Poshmark is easy. You can ask for measurements and compare them to yourself. You know what colors, and style you look best in, but what about buying gifts for others from Poshmark?  

On Poshmark, you cannot return or exchange any items. Once you buy it, you own it. Of course, if someone sells you something which is not as described you may open a case. 

Below is a complete gift buying guide while shopping on Poshmark 


Buy Brand Name Clothing 

Oh, do I speak from experience on this one. One year I purchased a really cute “boutique” top for my friend. I knew her size, I mean we sometimes borrow each other’s clothes.  I ordered a size medium (NWT), which was stated “true to size”.  I received the shirt and oh my goodness, it was itty bitty! 

A lot of the boutique items on Poshmark come from China and run on China sizing, which is much different and smaller from USA sizing. I know most clothes aren’t even manufactured in the USA however, they uphold to the correct USA sizing. You can also look up a brands sizing chart, which is something you can’t do with boutique items, unless the seller is generous enough to supply you with one, which is rare. 


New with Tag…Unless… 

I’m pretty sure if I bought my mom a used pair of Birkenstock shoes she would disown me.  Remember, you are buying something for someone else, who may have different standards than you. I’ll wear second hand items any day, I’m fine with that, but your mother-in-law may think differently.  The only thing worse than going on Santa’s “naughty list” is going on your mother-in-law’s shit list. NEW WITH TAG ONLY, unless you are buying vintage. Vintage items usually show signs of aging and sometimes wear. Choose carefully and do your research. Remember, you can’t return or exchange! 




I bought almost everyone a handbag from Poshmark-closets last year. Everyone adored their gifts, this is how I did it.  Again, I shopped designer–brand names only. I was able to Google search the bags by brand and RN#, so I knew the exact details of the bags. I also purchased neutral colors only.  Just like I said above, the items were all new with tag. All the bags were tote bags. I purchased tote bags because, I filled each bag with a bottle of wine, and other goodies and topped it with a ribbon.  


Gift Marketplace 

Source: https://blog.poshmark.com/2018/11/15/introducing-the-gifts-market/


Poshmark just released the “Gift” marketplace. Use it to your advantage! The gift market place is filled with NWT items. You can find pretty much everything all the other markets have to offer expect, the gift market is NWT only. You will come across boutique items, so filter wisely.  


Boutique Items 

I know I mentioned boutique items above but I feel like I need to go in-depth with it. Like I mentioned, most boutique clothes come from China and fit very differently. The quality of the boutique items that come out of China are usually not the greatest, you get what you pay for! There are some boutique items that are totally safe to buy, like hair accessories, fashion jewelry and those super trendy CC hats and gloves. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and for additional pictures!  



Almost every person selling on Poshmark will lower their price for you. If I feel like the price is a bit high, I will send an offer through the offer button. Don’t try to negotiate through comments, that’s bad seller/buyer etiquette unless the seller starts the convo. Money talks, use the offer button! Bundling items is another way to get a seller to lower their prices, sometimes up to half off!  


In conclusion, don’t rush a purchase on Poshmark. Ask questions and for additional pictures, buy NWT or vintage. Please don’t buy anyone a used pair of Bircks and most importantly, don’t go broke trying to prove your love for someone with a gift!  


Do you have any tips or suggestions? Comment below! 

Also, if you’re running a killer sale within your Poshmark closet, comment your closet name below! 


Happy holidays to one and all!


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