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Did you hear the news? Poshmark is adding another new market! Yes, I know what you’re thinking…” gee, another new market?” Hear me out now, this new market will have us all scrolling for hours. Starting May 30thPoshmark will launch “Poshmark Home”. No, this does not mean you can sell everything & the kitchen sink. Poshmarks “Home” market will be an amazing opportunity for the reseller community to grow within the Poshmark platform. Read on to learn what home items fall under Poshmarks new “Home” market and what items are trending within the world of home décor. 

As soon as I heard about the soon to be “Poshmark Home” market I looked around my room to see what I was going to sell. The thing about Poshmark is, it’s addicting and once you list and sell one item, all of a sudden your list and sell everything you own. Just like every other market, only certain items will fall under “compliant” home goods. Here is the first list of compliant categories; 

assorted-color framed paintings on the wall

Poshmark Home Market Compliant

  • Accent décor 
  • Baskets 
  • Candles & holders 
  • Curtains 
  • Doormats 
  • Faux florals 
  • Furniture covers 
  • Picture frames 
  • Hooks 
  • Tapestries 
  • Ornamental strings lights 
  • Blankets 
  • Sheets 
  • Cards 
  • Binders 
  • Calendars 
  • Planners 
  • Stationary 
  • Drawer liners 
  • Jewelry organizers & storage containers 


Poshmarks Home market compliant list is quite generous. I will say, I really hope some of those compliant items are NWT, I can’t imagine the description you’d use for a used doormat or a used candle… As for shipping rates and weight, Poshmark does not make it clear what the weight limit or shipping cost will be. As of now, it seems like Poshmark will be sticking with their general shipping rates of $6.49+ and a maximum weight of 5lbs. 

Now that we cleared up what items will be compliant within the Poshmark home market, let’s focus on what is not compliant. Listing non-compliant items, no matter what market they fall under are against Poshmark terms of service which may lead to a permanent account suspension.  



Not Poshmark Home Market Compliant:

  • Ceramics 
  • Glass 
  • Cutlery 
  • Appliances 
  • Furniture 



I personally feel like the non-compliant list should be longer and maybe even clearer. For example, home fragrances such as sprays and plugins are not mentioned at all or even echo dots. In my opinion, Poshmark needs to go more in-depth with the Home market do’s and don’ts. For now, keep it safe and only buy or sell the listed compliant items. 

Is the Poshmark Home Market a Good Idea?

At first, I was super excited to hear about Poshmark expanding their platform to the home goods department, however, the more I spoke with the Poshmark community, the more I started to think, hey, this may be a bad idea!  Personally, I didn’t want to offer home items within my Poshmark closet because I just sell clothing…why would home goods go in someone’s closet? When you’re done with your pots and pans, do you put them back in your closet next to your Louboutins…NO…so why list them in your virtual closet?  I didn’t want to look like a flea market, or just a page full of stuff. Another thing,  that 20% commission Poshmark makes on our sales just seems too high for home goods now.  There are other platforms in which we can sell home goods and not have to pay that:

1. Pay 20% commission

2. continuously share items to stay relevant

3. Be bound my compliant categories

4. Minimal seller/buyer support

5. Shipping boundaries

6. No international selling

Granted, every platform or service you use needs to make money and will take their cut, but I feel like most of the other platforms offer better support. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sell or list your home items on Poshmark, it just means that you should weigh your options, in order for you to benefit from both your time and money. Another personal opinion I have, Poshmark is known to be ” The best place to buy and sell fashion” so why take away from what your company was built on, FASHION. By allowing the public to sell non-fashion items on a fashion platform really cheapens the platform. Poshmark is turning into an expensive version of eBay, but with no Paypal or Poshmark support line. I would have loved to see a Poshmark customer phone line instead of the home market.


Trending Brand Alert 

Some of the top trending home décor brands are: 

So set mark your calendars for May 30th, 2019 start photographing all of your home items because there will be 40 million Poshmark users flooding that market place! 


Poshmark Home Market is HERE!

Peep all of the compliant categories!


What do you plan on selling within the new Poshmark Home Market? 

Don’t forget to comment and leave your closet names below! 

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  • Sherri L Herring

    This is clearly just another way for Poshmark to pad their already bulging pockets, in an already saturated market.This will also make Poshmark no better than “sister” sites. Those which I refer to as yardsale sites. I cringe every time Poshmark makes another site improvement. Perhaps improvements might start coming in the way of doing something positive for your worker bees. I’m sure I can’t be the only person that realizes that we are the reason Poshmark is successful. We work. You sit back and collect that 20% from hundreds of thousands of people. I need a job like that. Congratulations on finding another way to collect.

    • Pamela Ortega

      If you allow candle sales then glass candle holders can’t be sold with them, that’s crazy.
      No glass or ceramics sales seems odd to us. We sell vintage ceramics on another site.
      If you want to compete with other platforms please rethink these categories.
      No glass or ceramics cuts out a lot of lamps too.

  • Wendy

    I, for one, can no longer justify paying a premium fee to sell on this platform. With the introduction of a *Home Market, they can no longer distinguish themselves as a Fashion and Accessories platform. This aligns them with other platforms that charge less in fees, making PM less competitive.

    In addition, the time commitment this type of platform requires, to be a successful seller, is significant. To deal with this excessive time commitment, some sellers are using Autoshare Bot programs.

    With the issues that I’ve outlined above, I see PM’s evolution as questionable.

    *Prior to this announcement, there was already a significant amount of home good listings on this platform, that PM never used their resources to remove (per their own guidelines). To me, this appears to just institutionalize what already was in place – a cleaver move, that requires no additional resources.

    • Emily

      Wendy, I also noticed that PM wasn’t policing sellers who had Home items for sale prior to the official opening of this market. I suppose the only thing I would sell, if I even decide to enter the new HM on PM, would be some linens (vintage) and also NWT. Jury is out…

  • Chris Rusin

    I am not getting the HOME option on my Poshmark App? Is there something we have to do to download it?

    • Erica Car

      Hi Chris, you can locate the Home section within the top bar via Poshmark PC. I also cannot see the home market but only from my phone (Android). I can, however, list home items from my phone, weird huh. Wait 24 hours, if you still cannot see the Home market send Poshmark an email at [email protected]

  • Jac

    I see many glass and ceramic things on Posh. Are they compliant? I read where these were not allowed. What is the truth there are so many glasses figurines dishes listed that are glass. Can you please clarify. This thanks.

    • Erica Car

      Hi Jac,
      Recently Poshmark updated their Home category. You are allowed to sell both glass and ceramics as long as it falls under a certain category. This definitely can be tricky and Poshmark does not make it clear enough. Ceramics can fall under “Tablewear” and glass can fall under “Candles” since most candles come in glass jars. Poshmark seemed to have rushed their home market without clarifying the guidelines. If you email Poshmark at [email protected] and ask for a clear list of compliant home goods, they will send you one! Hope this helps, Cheers, Erica.

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