Poshmark Review From Senior Citizen Seller Stylists

Poshmark Review From Senior Citizen Seller Stylists

Honest answers from active Poshmark seller’s ages 65+


With over 4 million users on Poshmark, it seems like everyone and their mother is a seller stylist, but what about grandmother! That’s right, senior citizens are dominating the Poshmark platform, and you may not even realize it.  Poshmark’s marketing seems to be targeted towards women, men and kids..but what about senior citizens? Have you seen any of the recent videos Poshmark has released for T.V. and internet commercials? All of the “poshers” seem to fit a certain age group, why? 

We asked three Poshmark users aged 65+ for their honest opinions about buying and selling on Poshmark. This is what they had to say:

1.Do you notice lots of shares, follows and likes within your closet? 

 ” I think shares and likes are related to your sharing, the more you share the more you get. When my closet is on vacation I see a lot of followers but not many shares or likes. – @Ahineg “ 

 “Yes – esp. since I’m an ambassador.  I’m in 2 share groups. – @Guusje” 

” I notice several shares and follows and some likes in my closet. – @Felicityshoppe” 


2.On average, how many offers/sales do you typically see in a week? (estimated guess) 

“So far, I have been averaging about 4 sales per week and about the same amount of offers (perhaps a few less offers), not too bad for just starting out. @Felicityshoppe” 

“I have about 30 Posh Sales per month (I have 70- 100 a month on ebay).   I do find the sharing and following to be very tedious and time consuming. And boring! 🙂  I love the fact that Posh buyers pay postage and that I don’t need to worry about shipping.  I do wish they offered an optional first-class option since so much of what I sell could easily ship first class for $3.  I think the high shipping costs are off-putting to some buyers. – @Guusje” 

“Lately most of my sales are on the weekend, usually 5-7 sales. During the week maybe 1 a day. I consider myself a very small Posher. The number of sales is OK, but I would like to increase my average sale. – @Ahineg “ 


3.Do you feel welcomed into the Poshmark community? 

” I haven’t been interested in attending any of the Poshfest events – from the pictures it looks like serious partying and designer drinks for the millennials who are also fashionistas.   I’m in a couple of FB groups and they have been very helpful. – @Guusje” 

“Absolutely! Most Poshers are very nice! – @Ahineg “ 

“Yes, I definitely feel welcome in the Poshmark community, and I am grateful for that! – @Felicityshoppe” 

4.Do you use social media to promote your closet? (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc) 

” no – should but I haven’t mastered Instagram and Twitter yet.  I don’t feel right pimping my closet on my personal FB page. – @Guusje” 

“I use Pinterest and Tumbler. I belong to a number of Facebook Poshmark groups and have learned so much from them but I don’t post my items on Facebook or Instagram. I try to keep those more personal. – @Ahineg “ 

“Yes, I use social media to promote my closet, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.  I have a huge Pinterest interaction, but have yet to take the time to figure out how to best utilize it for my Poshmark closet. -@Felicityshoppe” 


5.What age group do you believe your buyers fall within? (18-28, 29-39 and so on)  

 I think the age group varies, but actually am not sure exactly how to gauge that anyway.  Since I also currently have a lot of jewelry, I believe that contributes to the variance.  – @Felicityshoppe” 

“I think most are 20 – 35 – I sell a lot of athletic wear and I actively search for brands that appeal to younger buyers.  My older women clothing seems to do better on eBay.  I also sell men’s clothing. – @Guusje” 

“I feel like most of Poshmark is young so I will be very interested in your blog post! Because of the brands and styles I carry, I think most of my customers are between 30-45. – @Ahineg “ 

6.With age comes wisdom, what would your advice be to the younger Poshmark sellers? 

“Don’t assume every buyer is out to scam you!   And don’t get upset if buyers don’t give you 5 stars, life is not like elementary school where everyone gets a medal or certificate!  – @Guusje” 

“Ha! Not sure I have any wisdom! I was a retail buyer for many years so I am always interested in turning my closet quickly. I would rather make less money per item but turn them quickly. I keep a record of everything I post, when it sells, cost to me and selling price, and where it came from. That way I am less likely to buy something that moves slowly. At the end of the quarter I re-evaluate what I have left and either take to a consignment store, donate or tweak the listing. Decisions thought out ahead of time are almost always better than impulse. Be organized! It is so much easier and you can make smarter choices. – @Ahineg “ 

 “To younger Poshmark sellers, perhaps cater to a more general audience, however I would like to see Poshmark itself market to a more diverse age group. – @Felicityshoppe” 


7.Do you find it difficult purchasing for yourself on Poshmark? 

” I don’t buy very much. I have learned to look at the seller’s previous sales and comments. I live in a casual Colorado mountain town and we don’t dress up much. I’m retired and don’t need work clothes. I am always on the lookout for great, quality athleisure but I wear a small size, sometimes that is hard to find. I am always looking for older Poshers, I wish there was an easy way to create a group of “friends”.  – @Ahineg “ 

“I don’t shop for myself on Poshmark – @Guusje” 

“I have not yet made a Poshmark purchase. – @Felicityshoppe”

8. Have you ever thought about going to Poshfest?

“No, not yet.  Would not rule it out in the future. – @Felicityshoppe” 

” I have. The last Poshfest in Denver was when I was out of town or I would have gone. I am often the oldest person in the room so that doesn’t bother me. – @Ahineg “ 

“No – from the pictures it looks like a non-stop alcohol fueled party and I rarely drink – @Guusje” 


 Poshmark is not just for your 20 something year olds.

These seniors are proof that age does not define a successful Poshmark closet. Seniors are no strangers to the changing fashion trends. Senior citizens have made fashion what it is today, for example; Tommy Hilfiger is 67, Ralph Lauren is 78, Jean-Paul Gaultier is 66, Vera Wang is 68, Donna Karan is 69, Karl Lagerfeld is 84 and of course we can’t forget, the ever so trendy Betsey Johnson is a vibrant 75! 

This blog post could not be possible without the honest Poshmark review provided by @Ahineg@Felicityshoppe and @Guusje . Make sure you spread that #PoshLove by following their amazing closets.


Special Thanks To: @Ahineg@Felicityshoppe and @Guusje


Video source: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJUYNDj6aSvK5lpcyuVLPzQ


  • Beth Baldwin, Poshmark Ambassador, Mentor and Seller Stylist

    They are right about many things but I haven’t found that I get sales at the levels they say and I wish I knew why? Advice from them to me direct would be lovely. I just turned 70 last Monday and offered a birthday sale, but did not get a single sale from it. Here’s what I said:
    This Poshmark Princess is Having A Birthday Today. In honor of my 70th birthday I’d love to give you 70% off, but of course, I can’t. But bundle your favorites and I’ll give you an additional 7% off in addition to the bundle discount. That makes a total of 17% off. Must bundle so I can adjust the price because Poshmark only does certain numbers in their bundle discounts. Give me a present, buy lots of things, SALE ENDS at MIDNIGHT

    As for feeling welcome at Poshmark events, the best way is to throw the party then they will all fit in. I sponsored the Poshmark Raleigh/Durham Golden Birthday and invited a younger Posher to cosponsor with me.

  • Christina Mirabile

    I am not signed up with Poshmark as of yet, but I would appreciate the advice/guidance of “older” sellers. I am 52 years old, so while I’m not a teenager or Milllenial, I won’t be a Senior for several more years.

    If you are willing to help me ease into the Seller’s world at Poshmark, I welcome your assistance and deeply appreciate your time.

    Best to all,

    Christina M.

  • Bev Rafferty

    Hi…I enjoyed all these comments. I’m a brand new seller on Poshmark and have lots of questions…..I have plenty to learn. I’d be happy to be in touch with a seasoned seller. Would anyone share their email address with me ? At this time I have questions about some of the basics that aren’t clear to me…. I’ve been in retail for about 46 years…25 of which is here in California. I enjoy retail focusing on Jewellery and Apparel. Women and Men. I hope to hear from a seller who’ll share some mentoring. Thanks ! Bev Rafferty…Phoenix And Crow. [email protected].

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