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Poshmark Review –

The Best Thrift Shops in NYC

Thrifting in NYC can be overwhelming. New York is jammed-packed with consignment shops and thrift
stores, you just have to know which ones are worth rummaging. Below you will find my Poshmark review of my favorite thrift and consignment shops in NYC. I have made thousands in profits, and even gained a few new favorite outfits for myself.

Beacon’s Closet (All Four Locations)

Photo: BeaconCloset.com


74 Guernsey St, Brooklyn, NY 11222 / 92 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
10 W 13th St, New York, NY 10011 / 23 Bogart St, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Beacon’s Closet is my favorite place in the entire world!

This is my #1 stop when sourcing fresh inventory.

Beacon’s closet has four locations, they are all amazing however, the Greenpoint store is the biggest and the store I always go to first.

Beacon’s has thousands of clothes on racks almost all are named brand.

I typically find brands like, Prada, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Nike, Alexander Wang but, there tons of highend brands mixed in. I once found a Celine Phantom bag, it did have a huge scuff on it however, the good old magic eraser took the mark right off!

I purchased the bag for $89 and sold it for $740. Before I sold
the bag, I had the it authenticated for save measures, yep 100% Real!


The Goodwill

47-47 Van Dam St, Long Island City, NY 11101

This is not your normal Goodwill, this is the mega bins Goodwill.

This is where I buy all of my bulk items. This location sells by the pound.

The price per clothing pound is $1.69 and for every 24lbs it drops by 10 cents.

Just like Beacon’s closet, you’ll find amazing designer brands however, everything is in huge bins
that you have to sort through. The key to this location is patience.

Every hour the workers bring out new items, it’s a never end supply!

My recent findings were, Burberry Sneakers, Uggs, Valentino slacks and a NWT Dress by Kate Spade. This is the best place to source for my mystery boxes by the pound. I sell 5lb mystery boxes for $35 on Poshmark.

When I purchase 5lbs from the Goodwill, it only costs $8.45, leaving me with a $19.55 profit per box, which includes Poshmark’s 20% Fee. I recommend driving and have an empty trunk for all of your amazing finds!

Housing Works Buy the Bag

159 28th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232

My Favorite part about this place, is that it’s walking distance to me!

It’s exactly like the Goodwill which I mentioned above, just smaller. They charge a flat rate to fill one of their bags with clothing.
I do find this location carries more outdated styles however, vintage is gold and is always in high demand. Just because
you won’t wear it, does not mean someone else won’t!

I once found a vintage pair of long pastel pink evening gloves. I sold them for $54 on Ebay within a week!

All of these stores are easy to get to when using public transportation however, I recommend driving.


When buying second hand or thrifted items, always assume they’re fake!

Thrift stores are always filled with counterfeit items, be very careful when buying what you think are brand names.

Always have items authenticated when in doubt.

You can find many websites who authenticate for a small fee online. Remember, there are no returns when purchasing second hand items, even if it’s fake. We hop you found this Poshmark review to be informative!

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