Poshmark Sharer Case Study #1

How I made $222 In A Day On Poshmark!

Are you frustrated because your not getting sales? Or not as many as you’d like?


 *Case Study:

Mandy 34, from Long Island, New York was in the same boat.

“People would bundle, comment & ask me a ton of questions… but never buy anything…sharing on poshmark

I was wondering if there was something wrong with my choice of clothes I was displaying in my poshmark closet…” But that wasnt the case. Her closet just needed a bit more exposure.

“I heard about Poshmark Sharer through a friend of mine who had used the service several times before, and she told me I should try it, it would really make a difference.

So, after several days of thinking about it… I went ahead and bought the basic package for $6.99 which got me 1,100 shares… I purchased this package, and just went on about my business throughout my day,

I was actually not even going to be able to sit down and do ANYTHING on Posh for the rest of the day because I was going for a job interview in the city.

The Turning Point

sharing on poshmark

I had recieved an e-mail shortly afterwards telling me that my order had began. 3 hours later, I hopped on the train, when I got off, my phone had given me 3 notifications, all 3 were Poshmark…

They were 3 SALES! One for $78, another for $112, and another for $22,

$222 in SALES!! In 1 DAY!!

I was almost in tears. Now, Im not sure if it was because of Poshmark Sharer completely,
but I DO know that this happened about 3 hrs AFTER my order had started…

AND, this has NEVER happened to me before. I just want to say THANK YOU, and I am looking forward to ordering from you guys again! Im hoping this momentum will keep up 🙂 ”

So, are you going to give your closet the exposure it deserves? Are you going to be another success story like Mandy?

Lets find out! Order now!

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