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Need Help Choosing the Perfect Poshmark Virtual Assistant Package for Your Closet ?

A simple breakdown of our Poshmark virtual assistant packages 

 Managing your Poshmark closet used to be a breeze however, weeks, months and years have passed and now your Poshmark closet is out of control! No worries, managing your Poshmark closet with a Poshmark virtual assistant has never been so easy!

We offer four premade monthly packages starting at $99 as well as custom packages, tailored to fit your budget and closet needs. Trying to pick between the 4 premade monthly virtual assistant packages? Today I will break down each package, helping you decide which package is right for you. 

Poshmark Virtual Assistant Packages


30 consecutive days, including weekends and holidays 

750 self-shares a day + 250 quality target follows a day 

 The monthly bronze package is our lowest priced pre-made package. Just because it is our cheapest doesn’t mean it’s our weakest! The Bronze package is very popular with poshers who have closest with under 150+ available items., and here’s why… 

Let’s say you have 250 available items listed within your closet. By purchasing the bronze package, your entire closet would fully be shared 3 times a day, morning, noon and night. You literally don’t have to share your entire closet for a full month. 

The bronze package also includes 250 quality target follows a day. Um ok, what are “target follows”…? Target follows is the most efficient way to gain both new followers and a sale/offer. When we target follow, we only follow Poshmark users who follow or sell the brands you are selling.  For example, let’s say you are selling 20 items from Free People, we will follow active poshers who are following or selling Free People items.   


30 consecutive days, including weekends and holidays 

1,500 self-shares a day + 500 quality target follows a day 

Now let’s heat things up a bit with our silver monthly package. Our silver package is popular with closets that have around 300+ available items. Like most of us Poshmark addicts, we share our closets multiple times a day.

Ideally, I suggest sharing your items 3x’s a day, morning, noon and night. Let’s do the math on these shares… 500 items x 3 loops a day = a whole lot of sharing, also known as 1,500 shares a day. Honestly, who has time to share 1,500 times a day…WE DO!   

The silver package also includes 500 target follows a day.  As stated above, target following is a game changer. 500 target follows a day comes out to 15,000 targeted follows a monththat’s 15,000 poshers who already like your brands.  That’s a whole lot of bad assery (for the record, I just made that word up) 


30 consecutive days, including weekends and holidays 

2,500 Shares a day + 750 quality target follows a day 

 Time to put on your best pants suit, things are about to get serious.

Our monthly gold package is popular with closets that have an average of 500 available items.  Just completing 1 round of self-shares would be a job on its own but let’s face it, just sharing your items once a day won’t cut it.

When you share your item, it rockets to the top of the “just shared” list, allowing thousands of potential buyers to see your items. Those 2,500 shares a day are interchangeable. You can break them up into self-shares, community shares or share backs! 

Recently Poshmark hit their 4-million user mark. Poshmark’s users are from all over America, resulting in different time zones.

Like always, we encourage closet shares 3x’s a day, morning, noon and night. Sharing throughout the day will make sure every Poshmark user sees your items.  Our monthly gold package also comes with an impressive, 750 target follows a day. That is 750 selected users who already love the brands you sell seeing your closet each day. Back to this sorcery we call math, 750 target follows X 30-days = 22,500 Target follows a month… (mic drop) 



30 consecutive days, including weekends and holidays 

3,300 shares a day + 1,000 quality target follows a day 


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so is this diamond monthly package. Our monthly diamond package includes a staggering 3,300 shares a day which is broken up into 3 sessions, morning, noon and night.

This package is popular with closets that have 700+ items available, or closets that are looking for a major boost.  Those 3,300 shares a day are interchangeable. You can break them up into self-shares, community shares or share backs.

The total amount of shares you will receive (not including the extras we give) would be 99,000! Imagine having someone else click 99,000 times for you! All of our services are automation free. All of those clicks are by your dedicated Poshmark closet virtual assistant. 

 Please, a round of applause for the 1,000-quality target follows you will receive each day with the diamond package. The total follows you will receive for the month is, 30,000 targeted users! That’s 30,000 potential follow backs, shares, offers and dare I say sales!  


Owning your own business has never been so easy, thanks to PoshmarkSharer.com Our methods are proven to drive in more sales, offers, traffic and all-around growth.  Every time you purchase any of our services while logged into your free PoshmarkSharer.com account, you earn reward points. Use your reward points for free or discounted Poshmark closet management services exclusively on PoshmarkSharer.com 

Still not sure if any of these premade packages are right for you?

Email us at Admin@PoshmakSharer.com and let’s discuss the perfect plan for you. 


  • Tracy Gerdes

    Hi. Im fairly new to poshmark (6months or so), and looking to do more with it. I CURRENTLY have both eUc and boutique items. I work full time and just dont have the time to promote effectively. Are the packages month to month or is there a minimum subscription? Would you be able to provide a lower priced package? Please check out my closet @cagefreechick and let me know what you think you can do for me. Thank you and blessings!

  • Anderson Shultz

    Hi there, @cagefreechick

    Thank you for reading our blog post. we can customize a monthly package to fit any closet size and budget. we have packages ranging from 1,100 share and up. we also have 1-day, weekend, weekly and monthly packages. anything you need we can do! if you’re interested, send us an email at, [email protected]

    happy days,

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