1-Day Warrior

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Selling on Poshmark has never been easier! Sit back, relax and let us share your closet ALL DAY, 3 -times a day 1,100 Morning 1,100 Noon 1,100 Night Totaling 3,300 self-shares a day. THIS PACKAGE IS ONLY SHARED FROM YOUR ACCOUNT TO YOUR FOLLOWERS A temporary password will be provided for self-sharing from your account.…

8 reviews for

  1. randilouhou (verified owner)

    Poshmarksharer works wonders, my sales have definitely increased. I sold my 1st bundle just a couple days after using Poshmarksharer. Also there communication in on point! They always get back to me within the hour with any questions I have.

  2. Mary Fernandez (verified owner)

    I love how I could relax for a minute and worry about offers and packing the items. I’ve got five sales that day along and that’s much to say for me that I only have 200 items listed. I’ll definitely be purchasing a lot more, I wish they could do a weekly or monthly subscription. That could be excellent.

  3. Posh_Consult_Kerri

    I ordered this service not knowing what to expect and in the end, I was 100% satisfied.
    My virtual assistant worked 1-on-1 with me to set up a schedule for my service.
    My VA even helped me with some basic Poshmark questions I had about markets (had nothing to do with my order)
    Fantastic service with great customer service!

  4. SustainableStyle

    I just finished up my free day and it was amazing. My va helped set up a schedule for my shares. She did everything as we agreed. When my package was complete in total I made 3 sales ($77) I will be back and will share this wonderful service with the Posh community!

  5. Shay O’Neil

    Better customer service than Poshmark >_< lml

  6. John Weiss

    SOOO much better than the last few VAs I used on Fiverr and instagram. Poshmark Sharer everything is legit, no bots, fast customer service. the only service any serious reseller should use.

  7. Poshinbaybay

    I tried a free day and honestly can’t imagine sharing my own closet ever again.

  8. Jordan Smith (verified owner)

    Wow! Just tried the Free 1 Day Package today! It was so nice to be able to get things done and spend more time sending out OTL’s all while my closet was being shared! Poshmark is my full time job and I had so much extra time today to spend with my family! Highly recommend!

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