Poshmark Ambassador

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Becoming a Posh Ambassador is an exciting milestone in your Poshmark journey! What’s not as exciting is self-sharing and community sharing. This package is designed to complete your minimum Posh Ambassador self-shares and community shares for you. No matter how many shares you need, we got you covered. By purchasing this package, you give electronic…

3 reviews for Poshmark Ambassador

  1. Keri Verdelotti

    Great service that has helped increase my sales and does the hard work for me!

  2. Amy Jo.

    Only took 3-days to hit the Poshmark Ambassador title with your service. Thank you so much, this would have taken me months. I’m so excited because I have a really great reseller following from Ebay on my Instagram acct so now, I can participate in the Poshmark affiliate program. I also ordered 1,000 unfollows which only took a few ours. Thank you for cleaning up my acct for me! Excited to begin my monthly service with you.
    -Amy Jo

  3. Kristie Ellsworth


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