Poshmark Ambassador

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Becoming a Posh Ambassador is an exciting milestone in your Poshmark journey! What’s not as exciting is self-sharing and community sharing. This package is designed to complete your minimum Posh Ambassador self-shares and community shares for you. No matter how many shares you need, we got you covered.

By purchasing this package, you give electronic consent for us to access your Poshmark account to complete your order. You will receive a temporary password for your account which you must change. After completion of your order, please reset your password back to what you prefer.

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3 reviews for Poshmark Ambassador

  1. Keri Verdelotti

    Great service that has helped increase my sales and does the hard work for me!

  2. Amy Jo.

    Only took 3-days to hit the Poshmark Ambassador title with your service. Thank you so much, this would have taken me months. I’m so excited because I have a really great reseller following from Ebay on my Instagram acct so now, I can participate in the Poshmark affiliate program. I also ordered 1,000 unfollows which only took a few ours. Thank you for cleaning up my acct for me! Excited to begin my monthly service with you.
    -Amy Jo

  3. Kristie Ellsworth


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