Weekend Warrior Share Package

(11 customer reviews)


Weekend Warrior Share Package

Saturday + Sunday

Sit back, relax and let us share your closet.

Saturday + Sunday,  3 Times a day

  • 1,100 Morning
  • 1,100 Noon
  • 1,100 Night

Totaling 3,300 self-shares a day, 6,600 for the weekend.

A temporary password will be provided for self-sharing from your account.

All Weekend Warrior packages purchased after Saturday, 8am EST will be completed the following weekend.

11 reviews for Weekend Warrior Share Package

  1. CourtneyC (verified owner)

    Love it! This was my first service purchased from this site and it was definitely worth it! While I was skeptical at first, the service definitely ended up paying for itself/ 10/10 recommend. Will be purchasing again soon 🙂

  2. tosarahinz (verified owner)

    More than paid for itself the first day! This was my first time using the Poshmark Sharer services and I wholeheartedly recommend this package. I will be ordering it again and am looking into a monthly plan as well. Thank you!

  3. CynHeight

    Loved this service! It totally freed up my weekend and I did not have to spend my time sharing, sharing, sharing my closet. I finally had a chance to focus on adding new listings, and spending some more time with my family! Usually my weekends are not great for sales! I ended my Sunday with 10 sales – best day of selling yet for me! Definitely would do it again. Thank you to my VA for sharing, sharing, sharing my closet!

  4. Evelyn Carlos (verified owner)

    Wonderful service. Couldn’t be happier!

  5. Yudy (verified owner)

    Love this service, it was perfect paid for itself within half the day and gave me a free weekend away from my phone and tablet, going to purchase again very soon.

  6. TaraB

    Love this package! Nothing like truly having the weekend off! Thank you for helping me for all these months. I highly recommend this service, worth every penny.

  7. ShaysCloset

    5-star as always ! I only buy weekend warriors and I always make back what I spend. I also get to sleep in on the weekends now, which is priceless!

  8. Rosa Guliano

    Shoutout to Sarah for sharing my closet EVERY WEEKEND! Sarah is the true Weekend Warrior. She is so sweet and really takes her time to evaluate the days parties and the items that can be shared to it. This is prob why I make so many weekend sales. I don’t have the time or patience to do all of the work.

  9. sherry.ss98 (verified owner)

    I’ve always used this service when I need my time freed up for other things & it’s always more than paid for itself. Fast & friendly customer service as well.

  10. Toni Jacobs (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic ! Well worth the cost and a definite value for what you receive . I’ve always made above and over the cost of the Weekend Warrior package price as well as obtaining many , many new followers . A great way to take a break and still know your closet is being shared . Customer service is fantastic as well as quick response time to any needs and concerns . Love this service ! Thank you

  11. Ivette Buehler

    Love this! I tried the free promo day and my virtual assistant delivered 3,000+ shares. I had three sales that day. Looking forward to trying the Weekend Warrior next.

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