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  • The Iconic Life of Kate Spade

    The Iconic Life of Kate Spade


    “She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes” – Kate Spade



    Birth And Education

    Kate Brosnahan Spade was born on December 24, 1962 in Kansas city. She went to St. Teresa’s academy and graduated from there. She was very disciplined, the catholic high school, in fact was popular for making its students the most disciplined. She had a cute sister by name Rhetta. Kate enrolled at the University of Kansas and later transferred to Arizona State University where she studied Journalism.

    How She Entered The Fashion Industry- Kate Spade As A Brand

    Spade worked in the department of accessories of Mademoiselle, Manhattan. While working here, she met Andy Spade, brother of the famous David Spade and married him in the year 1994. In 1991, she quit Mademoiselle, by then she was a senior fashion editor. Kate was very quick at grasping things, she had noticed that there was a huge market for fashion handbags. She decided to create her own line of stylish handbags. She wasted no time in turning things her way and began working on her ideas. She explored the local markets, researched on various styles and fabrics and came up with a line in 1993 that was superior in fabric and unique in colors and shapes.

    This clearly shows that Kate was a very creative person with a passion for fashion. She was also an achiever- creating her own line in the world of fashion and getting them sold in high-end stores such as Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, to mention a few, was no easy job. Her handbags were an instant hit with the masses, they were popular for being creative to the core.

    Success was synonymous to Kate. She, along with her husband Andy Spade, were successful in creating sleek and splendid handbags. The colors were striking and moreover the shapes, utilitarian. She partnered with her husband and the two took their business to international levels. In 1996, Spade got the recognition she deserved- she was honored by the Council of Fashion Designers of America with the ‘America’s New Fashion Talent in Accessories’ award. The council also recognized her for her collection of home items and bestowed her with three awards- House Beautiful’s, Elle Decor’s and Bon Appetite’s award.

    Photographer: Michael Nagle/Bloomberg via Getty Images

    Kate started expanding from fashion handbags to other items such as eyewear, shoes, paper goods, cosmetics and got them featured in over 450 stores across the globe. However in 1999 the couple sold their business to Neiman Marcus Group, that was sold to Fifth and Pacific in 2006. The couple were active with the brand, however.

    Manners, Styles And Occasions were Kate’s three books where she shared her philosophies and personal style.  In 2006, the couple also invested in a television network, Plum TV that broadcast privileged vacation spots. They, in 2016 launched a new fashion endeavor, Frances Valentine. The same year, they came up with products that were Minnie- Mouse themed. There were also phone accessories besides jewelry.

    Kate was an idol to young American girls. She had an unmatched dedication for her work and her husband supported her all along. The couple balanced their personal and work life, and gave all attention to their child.


    June 5, 2018 was a tragic day for the fashion industry. Kate Spade committed suicide in her Park avenue apartment. Her family and friends are devastated, it was least expected! A woman so courageous and who took on entrepreneurial challenges to prove her worth was no more! She was just 55. She has left behind her husband and child, Frances Beatrix Spade.

    More About Kate Spade..

    It was on some interview that people got to know Kate wanted to quit from her business and she made up her mind when her daughter was born. She wanted to quit long back, but her husband always encouraged her to move on. He knew she was a special woman with extraordinary capabilities, so  he always wanted her to continue with her passion, even with the biggest of financial troubles. Kate did not want to continue as she feared losing money, she also wanted to spend some quality time with her family, especially her daughter. She valued family time and made sure her family had dinner together, every night. She also wanted to be there for her daughter even for the smallest of things. She coped with the stress of being a mom and business person- she was such a bold lady!

    Kate was always unique, so were her products. When she first came up with a designer handbag line, she sewed her brand name outside of the bag, as against the inside labels with other brands. This helped her grab attention and the modern, cosmopolitan American women went full length to own a Kate spade handbag.

    Kate always thought into the future. She knew the pulse of the teenage girls and young working women and came up with bags that suited the budgets of different classes. She was iconic! Even though she was not obsessed with fashion in her early years, working with Mademoiselle magazine was a turning point in her life. She quickly identified the gaps in the fashion industry and wanted to fill them before anyone did. She was innovative and capable. However she was very careful when it came to money matters, she did not find it a good idea to continue with the business when she thought the couple were losing money. It was only at the insistence of her husband that she kept moving.

    Today, the fashion industry and especially the people associated with her brand are shocked. The woman in whom they saw a character of go- get, and who was an entrepreneur by choice, had committed suicide! The New York police have confirmed suicide by hanging.

    Could you just believe this?

    What does this show?

    The reason for Kate Spade to have taken this extreme step is unknown, however family matters/ relationships are said to be the reason, this is not confirmed.

    How could such a courageous lady commit suicide? Did nobody recognize the symptoms at all or did she not express any signs?

    Kate could have been suffering from depression or possibly alcoholism. She has left an note, but that is not the matter here. Is this not a warning signal to all of you? Should you not lend out a helping hand to those in need?

    It is highly advised to watch out for signs of suicidal tendencies. Especially if any of your family members or friends has suffered a broken relationship or having troubles with finances, it is your responsibility to see that they get help as soon as possible. Just leaving them alone or letting them suffer in silence thinking that everything would be fine as time rolls is a wrong notion. With no help around, they are sure to get incited with  more suicidal thoughts.

     Act quickly to avoid regretting later.

    Suicide Awareness

    Suicide is the hardest thing to hear. It also leads to deep regrets when a friend or family member commits suicide, as thoughts arise as to whether it could be prevented. Yes! Suicide can be prevented provided immediate help is offered to people in trouble. Not all individuals get suicidal thoughts, but it is always better to be on the safer side, keep a watch!

    When you come to know that your relative/ friend is in trouble, watch out for these signs:

    • Change in his sleeping and eating habits
    • Preferring to be alone
    • Talking of suicide
    • Avoiding social activities
    • Loss of interest in his daily  activities

    These are some of the common signs, though each individual might vary with showing the symptoms. If you come across any individual showing these signs, quickly take them to a counselor. Moreover if you are in some sort of trouble and getting suicidal thoughts, it is high time that you seek professional help.

    Getting suicidal thoughts is nothing to be ashamed about, it is just that your mind needs to be healed and strengthened. Waste no time in seeking assistance and you will be ready to take on life’s challenges better than ever! It is just that sometimes your mind is not ready to accept challenges or does not want to deal with certain saddening situations, but you need to! Life is all about uncertainty and you need to be strong and confident. However your mind also sometimes feel sick just like your body and to get back to a state of mental well-being is no difficult task, provided you seek help at the right time. The world is a big place and you have a beautiful life ahead. Why take your life when you can enjoy it to the fullest with a bit of help?

    You need to come out with an open mind and speak to your closest family member or friend. If you are not okay with this, professional counselors are always there to help you! Consult and transform your life! Be happy!! Nothing stays forever in this world and nobody is perfect. You just need to cope with things and people in your life.

    If You Come across Someone Who Is Thinking Of Suicide…

    Never leave them alone. Be by their side and talk positively. Ask them to be brave and try to get them out of such thoughts. If it is too much to handle for you, ask them to call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline immediately.

    Suicide is what some individuals consider to be the best way out to escape from mental distress. They think it solves all their problems. However one thing they do not consider here is the grief their family members go through. In fact, suicide serves no purpose, it only complicates the matter.

    While some individuals come out strong in times of crisis, some others need help. If you are one among them, you are highly advised to call the lifeline number. The professionals here see to it that you come out of the crisis and look at life in a more positive way. Taking your life is a matter of minutes or seconds, but is that what you really wanted to do? Is there no way out? There definitely is!!

    Everybody in the world has problems, so how would it be if everyone starts committing suicide? Sounds weird, right? Suicide is not the solution. You need to face life and move on. The problems are temporary and you will certainly have a more beautiful life ahead.

    All You Need To Know About Suicide Hotline In U.S

    If you want to help someone in distress or if you are getting suicidal thoughts, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is what you need to call. The lifeline offers free support, 24/7 and of course, it will be confidential. Tel: 1-800-273-8255.

    The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides emotional support to people in distress across the country. The network was launched on January 1, 2005 and since then has been striving to spread awareness about suicide prevention. Crisis care is what the lifeline cares about and you are advised to utilize the resource to the fullest if you are in bad mental condition.

    The lifeline utilizes expert guidance to improve its services.

    About Kate Spade’s Suicide

    Kate Spade definitely was in distress, considering the extreme step she has taken. Probably she needed help that could not be recognized at the right time! However the reasons are still unknown and coming to any conclusion would be wrong. If such a courageous person can commit suicide, it means sometimes your mind will not be in a position to deal with challenges, however strong you might be. This is where professional help matters!

    Kate Spade was such an icon and she could have been alive if she had sought assistance. Now she has left behind her husband who stood by her all his life and a daughter whom she loved dearly. Just imagine the condition of these people and the grief they need to go through! This is something they cannot forget for their life!

    Do you want to see your family members in such a situation? If not, seek immediate help and come out of distress!

    Strive to spread the message on suicide prevention and help save lives!






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