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    The Iconic Life of Kate Spade

    THE ICONIC LIFE OF KATE SPADE “She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes” – Kate Spade     Birth And Education Kate Brosnahan Spade was born on December 24, 1962 in Kansas city. She went to St. Teresa’s academy and graduated from there. She was very disciplined, the catholic high school, in fact was popular for making its students the most disciplined. She had a cute sister by name Rhetta. Kate enrolled at the University of Kansas and later transferred to Arizona State University where she studied Journalism. How She Entered The Fashion Industry- Kate Spade As A Brand Spade worked in the department of accessories of Mademoiselle, Manhattan.…

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    Features We Wish Poshmark Offered 

    Features We Wish Poshmark Offered  Poshmark Features We Dream About   Poshmark is the top-trending fashion app for buying and selling clothes. The app is designed to allow users to easily upload photos, list and simply print shipping labels however, there are a few features that we really wish Poshmark would take into consideration.  Below is a list of features we would love to see implemented into the Poshmark app.     Support Phone Number  Like most of us, there’s a good chance that you’ve searched high and low for a Poshmark support phone number.  Poshmark does not have a customer service phone number. They do have a voicemail-number, ((650) 262-4771) however, I doubt they listen to those messages, I left quite a few messages and never…

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    Poshmark Review From Senior Citizen Seller Stylists

    Poshmark Review From Senior Citizen Seller Stylists Honest answers from active Poshmark seller’s ages 65+   With over 4 million users on Poshmark, it seems like everyone and their mother is a seller stylist, but what about grandmother! That’s right, senior citizens are dominating the Poshmark platform, and you may not even realize it.  Poshmark’s marketing seems to be targeted towards women, men and kids..but what about senior citizens? Have you seen any of the recent videos Poshmark has released for T.V. and internet commercials? All of the “poshers” seem to fit a certain age group, why?  We asked three Poshmark users aged 65+ for their honest opinions about buying and selling on Poshmark. This is what they had to say: 1.Do you notice lots of shares, follows and likes within your closet?   ” I…

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    Choosing The Perfect Poshmark Virtual Assistant Package for Your Closet – Poshmark Sharer

    Need Help Choosing the Perfect Poshmark Virtual Assistant Package for Your Closet ? A simple breakdown of our Poshmark virtual assistant packages   Managing your Poshmark closet used to be a breeze however, weeks, months and years have passed and now your Poshmark closet is out of control! No worries, managing your Poshmark closet with a Poshmark virtual assistant has never been so easy! We offer four premade monthly packages starting at $99 as well as custom packages, tailored to fit your budget and closet needs. Trying to pick between the 4 premade monthly virtual assistant packages? Today I will break down each package, helping you decide which package is right for you.  Poshmark Virtual Assistant Packages   Monthly Bronze Package – $99  30 consecutive days, including…

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    Selling On Poshmark – Poshmark Tips For Success

    Selling On Poshmark Poshmark Tips For Success! If you are interested in selling on Poshmark, then first, we need to better understand the basics of the whole concept.Purchasing and reselling used, or pre-owned items has actually ended up being a popular method to make cash from your old stuff and also a popular way to save money by purchasing OTHER peoples old stuff! And I mean clothes! A variety of sites, such as eBay, Craigslist, and thredUP, have actually appeared to assist individuals sell their used products online. Among the most effective online markets is Poshmark, which links purchasers and sellers of designer clothes and devices. Selling on Poshmark is…

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    Sharing on Poshmark

    Sharing On Poshmark Made Easy Are you struggling to make sales? Are you tired of putting in so much work into your Poshmark closet with nothing to show for it? Well, you’ve come to the RIGHT place.   Sharing is the only way to quickly get more exposure of your closet items. Using our service you can expect more closet views, leading to more sales! we will share your Poshmark closet by the thousands, reaching more people than you’ve ever dreamed of. Poshmark has become one of the BIGGEST fashion / social marketplaces on the internet, and one of the only ways to really get the products in your closet out there is…