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  • The Notorious Summer Sales Slump – How to benefit from the slow summer retail months 

    The Notorious Summer Sales Slump – How to benefit from the slow summer retail months 

    The Notorious Summer Sales Slump 

    How to benefit from the slow summer retail months 


         Summer is finally here, the weather is beautiful and everyone is ready to enjoy the beach, pool and well-deserved vacations. This all sounds perfect, but what about your sales? If everyone is out and about enjoying the summer sun, that means less people are online shopping. The summer months are notorious for drops within the resale market.  Did you notice a sudden drop in traffic, offers and sales on Poshmark? don’t throw in the towel yet! Here are some ways to benefit from the slower summer months. 



       Organizing inventory is my least favorite thing about reselling. There is not 1 thing about organizing I enjoy, not going to lie about that, but of course it has to be done. I find organizing in the summer to be the most beneficial time of the year to do so. When I organize I put my items into categories, and sizesLet’s say I have a red Valentino dress listed for sale, that dress would be hanging up in my dress section in size order. I use portable closets to hang up and keep my folded items in.  I used to use bins but, every time I needed to get an item which would be every other day, I found myself rummaging through the rest of the items and it just looked sloppy. 


    Fall/Winter Fashion Research 

    Chanel’s autumn-winter 2017 collection at PFW. Photo: AFP

        The fashion world moves super-fast, so should you if you want to stay ahead of the game. Most of us are working on our tans and summer fun however, fall and winter fashions are already being previewed within the fashion industry. Don’t wait till the leaves start to change pretty colors to look for fall and winter fashion trends. Do your research now and start to look for affordable sourcing options for the upcoming season. 


    Go Thrifting 

    Summer thrifting is the best! So many people are out of town, on vacation, traveling etc… Thrift stores are empty, and I speak from experience. Every weekend I go thrifting at the Goodwill outlet and every weekend (during the summer) I find that I have the store almost to myself. I have free range of every rack, bin and cart. There are no nosey shoppers looking at what I am looking at, no competition and no lines. I find the best items in the summer months, which I load up on.  People love cleaning their closets out during the spring and summer, and lots of those items end up and thrift shops. I can’t express my excitement enough; summer thrifting is a MUST! 



    Garage Sales 

    Tis the season for garage sales and lemonade standsyaye! No, I’m not telling you to go make a lemonade stand but…if you really want to, I won’t stop you. There is no need to explain how popular garage sales are during the summer, I’m sure you see plenty of those. Garage sale hopping is a thing, or at least for me it is. I round up all of the local garage sales in my area for the day, and I check them all out. You can find everything and anything at a garage sale. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. When people get don’t use things, they lose value to the person, so they are willing to just sell it for whatever. I have scored some seriously fancy items lately from garage sales. I purchased an authentic Dooney and Bourke tote for $3! Of course, before you purchase designer items, take the time to try to authenticate it as much as you can, and never list garage sale or thrifted items for sale unless you can 100% authenticate it. I find my sources on my local Facebook community groups and boards as well as Facebook market place. All you have to do is post “Who is having a garage sale?” You’d be surprised how many people respond. I’ve done this while on a getaway in Boston and it worked as well.  You can also use websites like “Garagesaletracker.com” or “yardsalesearch.com 


    Take Time Off 

    It’s summer, enjoy it! If reorganizing, taking new photos or garage sale/ thrifting is not your ideal summer goals, take a break. Summer always seems to pass so fast, take time to enjoy the little things. You are not a machine, sales drop and that’s normal, it happens to every business no matter how big or small. Take some time to reflect on the success you have created and how you can improve and grow. The internet is not going anywhere, you can login whenever you want. Summer only lasts for so long, enjoy it! 

  • The Best Time to Share and Follow on Poshmark

    The Best Time to Share and Follow on Poshmark

    The Poshmark Sharing Schedule

    The Best Time To Share and Follow on Poshmark


    By: Poshmark Sharer


    Staying active on Poshmark is very important if you want to make sales, gain followers and offers. Having a Poshmark sharing and following session during certain hours of the day is crucial for gaining maximum exposure. Below are some time frames proven to bring in extra sales, offers and followers.

    Self-sharing is extremely important. We recommend self-sharing your closet 3-4 times a day, this will ensure that the most people (across the US) will see your listing. With the minimum of 3 sessions and maximum of 4 sessions per day.

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    The Optimal Poshmark Sharing Schedule

    A great way to start the day is to share your items right before the morning rush hour. Keep in mind, Poshmark is available throughout the united states which carry different time zones. We like to run on EST, which is the earliest time-zone. Ideally sharing your closet around 8am EST will bring your items all the way to the top of the “Just Shared” list, making your items visible to everyone who logs on in the morning. Early bird gets the worm, so make sure you get those morning self-shares going!

    Afternoons can be a bit tricky. Lots of people are at work, school or just preoccupied with errands. Self-sharing during the afternoon is important however, if you can’t get it done, it’s ok! Ideally, we like to complete afternoon shares around 1pm EST. Any items that are available to be shared to the morning party will still be shared, as well as to your feed.  Now that you just shared your items, they jumped back to the “Just Shared” list, which again brings more eyes to your items.

    Sharing On Poshmark During Late Afternoon & Evenings

         Our two favorite times to share on Poshmark are 4pm and 9pm.  Both Self-sharing and community sharing is ideal for these times. This is what I call the “Poshmark Timezone Rush Hour” people just got out of work, their home finally relaxing, checking all of their social media’s, emails etc. Poshers have the time to sit down and focus in, so this is the time you should do the same.

    We noticed lots of traffic when completing one round of self-shares as well as 200-300 community shares. Yes, 200-300 community shares seems like a lot however, you’d be surprised how many posher share back. When these Poshers share back, they usually share more than 1 item. We typically see 5-10 items shared back! Now imagine if 90 Poshers out of those 200-300 you shared- shared your items 8 times, that would be 720 of your items shared during prime hours.

    Late Night Sharing On Poshmark

    Now this next time slot is from one of our awesome customers. Without further-ado, let me introduce the “Pub Crawl” hours of 1am-3am EST. This time-slot is not for the faint of heart! If you find yourself up at those super late (early?) hours, hop onto to Posh and give your closet a quick share.

    We see customers waking up to more offers and direct sales when we shared for them at these hours. During New Years Eve almost all of our virtual assistants and admins were working an all-nighter, completing shares and follows all night long. Without a doubt, that was the best weekend our customers have ever experienced. We seen a customer make 25 sales that night.  That was a great night! Ever since new years eve, customers have been asking for the “pub crawl” hour shares.

    We Can Share For You

    The same time slots can be applied for gaining followers. I would recommend not following during the middle of the day. When we completed follows during the lunch hours, we didn’t see much of a turn around. We roughly seen maybe 2 our of 10 follow back, not cool.

    Over all the hours between 9pm-2am EST are our gold hours. No matter what we do during those hours, whether it’s self-sharing, following, or community sharing we always see a great turn around in offers, followers, likes and sales. Of course, that is a lot of Poshmark for one day, but our Poshmark closet virtual assistants are here to help!  Do you want to try out the pub crawl hours, but can’t stay up that late? Fill out a contact form on our website, PoshmarkSharer.com and let us know how we can help!

  • Features We Wish Poshmark Offered 

    Features We Wish Poshmark Offered 

    Features WWish Poshmark Offered 

    Poshmark Features We Dream About


    Poshmark is the top-trending fashion app for buying and selling clothes. The app is designed to allow users to easily upload photos, list and simply print shipping labels however, there are a few features that we really wish Poshmark would take into consideration.  Below is a list of features we would love to see implemented into the Poshmark app.



    Support Phone Number 

    Like most of us, there’s a good chance that you’ve searched high and low for a Poshmark support phone number.  Poshmark does not have a customer service phone number. They do have a voicemail-number, ((650262-4771) however, I doubt they listen to those messages, I left quite a few messages and never once received a call back or an email. With over 4 million users on Poshmark, a support phone number should be available.  Heck, Poshmark takes their 20% cut from each sale, a little support besides a week’s wait for an email reply would be awesome. 


    Private Messaging 

    Another feature we would like to see is, private messaging.  Communicating only within the comment section of your listing can sometimes seem a bit intimidating.  Customers may sometimes feel odd asking questions in public about your item, for example intimate items… Private messaging can really improve the buyers understanding of the product you’re selling. 



    Product Video Uploads

     Image result for rotating dress gif

    Kathie Lee working it in her red cape dress on TODAY Wednesday.

    How cool would it be to have the option to showcase your items by uploading a video! Videos bring items to life and can also raise the value of your item.  If I saw 2 identical dress listings, one with a video that showed a 360 view of the dress displayed on a mannequin and, one that only had photos of the dress on a mannequin, I would 100% click on the listing with the video.  There are no returns allowed on Poshmark, so being able to showcase our items better, will help buyers understand the item better.



    Offer Button Optional 

    Please, I beg you Poshmark, make the offer button optional! Sometimes we don’t want to accept offers on certain items. I always price my items higher because I anticipate offers all the time.  Ebay has a fantastic feature which allows you to pick the format for your pricing options. You can pick from “fixed price” or “accept best offer” which really lets you take control of your profit. I don’t know about you but, sometimes I feel intimidated when receiving borderline lowball offers. Having the option to disable the offer button would make selling way more enjoyable!  


    Closet Analytics (visitors, closet views, item views) 

    For some of us, Poshmark is a full-time job and our only means of income. In order to successfully grow, target and understand the Poshmark platform, I believe implementing closet analytics would be a complete game changer. Being able to see how many people visit your closet a day (impressions), item view count, and what time of the day is the busiest would make selling easier.  Having these features could help you understand your closet, what brands and styles are trending, also what you need to improve 


    Self-Sale Scheduling  

    Poshmark is time-consuming. Some of us don’t have the time to sit in front of a computer/phone for hours lowering our prices all the time. Having a self-sale schedule option would reduce the time you spend editing all of your prices. Having an item list, complete with pricing and the option of schedule sale options would make selling a breeze. Prices would automatically lower and go back to normal on their own, scheduled how you want it, when you want it. 

    Buyer / Seller Rating 

    Having the option to leave a rating for buyers/sellers is a great way to weed out the bad from the good. I would love to see ALL ratings, even the 1-stars left from the buyer to the seller. Only seeing 5-star ratings is highly misleading! Personally, I believe by having the option to leave buyers feedback as well will prevent buyers from leaving unjustified reviews. Being a seller on Poshmark may seem a little scary at times, I mean you can only contact Poshmark via email which takes days for a reply.  Being able to leave buyer reviews would also make me, as a seller feel like I have some sort of support, a place where my opinion is relevant, other than private emails from Poshmark. We would love to see a buyer rating option implemented into the Poshmark app, as well as seeing all reviews from both buyer and seller, no matter the star rating. 


    Of course, these features are just our ideas, and not anything Poshmark is working on. We do hope Poshmark releases some new features that help better our closets.  For starters, a customer support number would be ideal.

    We want to hear your ideas!

    Are there any features you would like to see within the Poshmark app, that was not mentioned above? Comment your thoughts below!

    Gif Source: http://sys06-public.nbcnews.com/today/style/holiday-party-dressing-made-simple-get-kathie-lee-giffords-red-1D80373802

  • Poshmark Review From Senior Citizen Seller Stylists

    Poshmark Review  From Senior Citizen Seller Stylists

    Poshmark Review From Senior Citizen Seller Stylists

    Honest answers from active Poshmark seller’s ages 65+


    With over 4 million users on Poshmark, it seems like everyone and their mother is a seller stylist, but what about grandmother! That’s right, senior citizens are dominating the Poshmark platform, and you may not even realize it.  Poshmark’s marketing seems to be targeted towards women, men and kids..but what about senior citizens? Have you seen any of the recent videos Poshmark has released for T.V. and internet commercials? All of the “poshers” seem to fit a certain age group, why? 

    We asked three Poshmark users aged 65+ for their honest opinions about buying and selling on Poshmark. This is what they had to say:

    1.Do you notice lots of shares, follows and likes within your closet? 

     ” I think shares and likes are related to your sharing, the more you share the more you get. When my closet is on vacation I see a lot of followers but not many shares or likes. – @Ahineg “ 

     “Yes – esp. since I’m an ambassador.  I’m in 2 share groups. – @Guusje” 

    ” I notice several shares and follows and some likes in my closet. – @Felicityshoppe” 


    2.On average, how many offers/sales do you typically see in a week? (estimated guess) 

    “So far, I have been averaging about 4 sales per week and about the same amount of offers (perhaps a few less offers), not too bad for just starting out. @Felicityshoppe” 

    “I have about 30 Posh Sales per month (I have 70- 100 a month on ebay).   I do find the sharing and following to be very tedious and time consuming. And boring! 🙂  I love the fact that Posh buyers pay postage and that I don’t need to worry about shipping.  I do wish they offered an optional first-class option since so much of what I sell could easily ship first class for $3.  I think the high shipping costs are off-putting to some buyers. – @Guusje” 

    “Lately most of my sales are on the weekend, usually 5-7 sales. During the week maybe 1 a day. I consider myself a very small Posher. The number of sales is OK, but I would like to increase my average sale. – @Ahineg “ 


    3.Do you feel welcomed into the Poshmark community? 

    ” I haven’t been interested in attending any of the Poshfest events – from the pictures it looks like serious partying and designer drinks for the millennials who are also fashionistas.   I’m in a couple of FB groups and they have been very helpful. – @Guusje” 

    “Absolutely! Most Poshers are very nice! – @Ahineg “ 

    “Yes, I definitely feel welcome in the Poshmark community, and I am grateful for that! – @Felicityshoppe” 

    4.Do you use social media to promote your closet? (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc) 

    ” no – should but I haven’t mastered Instagram and Twitter yet.  I don’t feel right pimping my closet on my personal FB page. – @Guusje” 

    “I use Pinterest and Tumbler. I belong to a number of Facebook Poshmark groups and have learned so much from them but I don’t post my items on Facebook or Instagram. I try to keep those more personal. – @Ahineg “ 

    “Yes, I use social media to promote my closet, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.  I have a huge Pinterest interaction, but have yet to take the time to figure out how to best utilize it for my Poshmark closet. -@Felicityshoppe” 


    5.What age group do you believe your buyers fall within? (18-28, 29-39 and so on)  

     I think the age group varies, but actually am not sure exactly how to gauge that anyway.  Since I also currently have a lot of jewelry, I believe that contributes to the variance.  – @Felicityshoppe” 

    “I think most are 20 – 35 – I sell a lot of athletic wear and I actively search for brands that appeal to younger buyers.  My older women clothing seems to do better on eBay.  I also sell men’s clothing. – @Guusje” 

    “I feel like most of Poshmark is young so I will be very interested in your blog post! Because of the brands and styles I carry, I think most of my customers are between 30-45. – @Ahineg “ 

    6.With age comes wisdom, what would your advice be to the younger Poshmark sellers? 

    “Don’t assume every buyer is out to scam you!   And don’t get upset if buyers don’t give you 5 stars, life is not like elementary school where everyone gets a medal or certificate!  – @Guusje” 

    “Ha! Not sure I have any wisdom! I was a retail buyer for many years so I am always interested in turning my closet quickly. I would rather make less money per item but turn them quickly. I keep a record of everything I post, when it sells, cost to me and selling price, and where it came from. That way I am less likely to buy something that moves slowly. At the end of the quarter I re-evaluate what I have left and either take to a consignment store, donate or tweak the listing. Decisions thought out ahead of time are almost always better than impulse. Be organized! It is so much easier and you can make smarter choices. – @Ahineg “ 

     “To younger Poshmark sellers, perhaps cater to a more general audience, however I would like to see Poshmark itself market to a more diverse age group. – @Felicityshoppe” 


    7.Do you find it difficult purchasing for yourself on Poshmark? 

    ” I don’t buy very much. I have learned to look at the seller’s previous sales and comments. I live in a casual Colorado mountain town and we don’t dress up much. I’m retired and don’t need work clothes. I am always on the lookout for great, quality athleisure but I wear a small size, sometimes that is hard to find. I am always looking for older Poshers, I wish there was an easy way to create a group of “friends”.  – @Ahineg “ 

    “I don’t shop for myself on Poshmark – @Guusje” 

    “I have not yet made a Poshmark purchase. – @Felicityshoppe”

    8. Have you ever thought about going to Poshfest?

    “No, not yet.  Would not rule it out in the future. – @Felicityshoppe” 

    ” I have. The last Poshfest in Denver was when I was out of town or I would have gone. I am often the oldest person in the room so that doesn’t bother me. – @Ahineg “ 

    “No – from the pictures it looks like a non-stop alcohol fueled party and I rarely drink – @Guusje” 


     Poshmark is not just for your 20 something year olds.

    These seniors are proof that age does not define a successful Poshmark closet. Seniors are no strangers to the changing fashion trends. Senior citizens have made fashion what it is today, for example; Tommy Hilfiger is 67, Ralph Lauren is 78, Jean-Paul Gaultier is 66, Vera Wang is 68, Donna Karan is 69, Karl Lagerfeld is 84 and of course we can’t forget, the ever so trendy Betsey Johnson is a vibrant 75! 

    This blog post could not be possible without the honest Poshmark review provided by @Ahineg@Felicityshoppe and @Guusje . Make sure you spread that #PoshLove by following their amazing closets.


    Special Thanks To: @Ahineg@Felicityshoppe and @Guusje


    Video source: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJUYNDj6aSvK5lpcyuVLPzQ

  • Poshmark Review – What Is Poshfest? – Poshmark Sharer

    Poshmark Review – What Is Poshfest? – Poshmark Sharer

    Is fashion your passion?  

    Are you looking to have a legitimate fashion business?  

    Searching for Poshmark tips?  

    Want to expand and grow your business?  

    Check out this Poshmark review about why you should attend a Poshfest!! 



    what is poshfest

     What Do You Learn At A Poshfest?  

    • Poshfest is more like a conference where Poshers gather to learn new techniques of Poshing and share experiences. By attending a Poshfest you will get to know how to manage your records and inventories, taxes and how exactly you can transform your closet on Poshmark into a legal business. You will also learn about getting business licenses and much more..  

    • The Poshfest panel discussion will be interesting and will mostly be on the marketing strategies to be adopted to achieve more sales. At the fest, you will also learn to identify your niche on the app to help you narrow down on your target audience. This makes focusing easy and you will find it simple to attract them to your closet on the Poshmark app. 

    •  If you are worried about getting inventories for your closet, Poshfest will help you with that as well.  

    • If you are new to Poshmark and looking for some Poshmark tips, be certain to get all information on how to list the items on the app, item descriptions and pricing, and how to ship them. You will find that selling on Poshmark is exciting, easy and beneficial!   

    • Poshfest is all about sharing relevant information on how to start selling on Poshmark 

    Poshmark is today a leading marketplace for buying and selling fashion in a simple, organized way. Poshfest is organized to make all Poshers learn marketing tips and tricks to take their business to a new level. Poshfest also has exciting content for everyone, be it a newbie or a stylist seller with Poshmark for a long time. Just register yourself for the fest and you will have no reason to look back! 

     Once You Have Registered at Poshfest  

    • Chat with experienced Poshers and get insights on how to sell on Poshmark, also talk to them about how to make the most of Poshfest. Do not forget to ask for Poshmark tips.  

    • Networking starts after informal meetings, so keep your business cards ready! Connect to all Poshers in attendance. 

    •  Listen to the discussion of different Poshers– how they grew their business on Poshmark app, how they sourced inventory and how they narrowed down on their target audience. Hearing to Poshmark review will also go a long way in helping you get used to the app. Moreover if you have any questions, Poshmark’s founders are always there to answer.  


    So if you have a zeal for fashion and want to make some quick money by following your passion, Poshmark is for you! However you need to be aware of Poshmark tips and get to know how to sell on Poshmark, because you can expect great business only if you have the best marketing strategies in place! This is where Poshfest will help!! Attend a Poshfest and take your business to a new level, the Posher community is always there to help you. 

    Image Credit: Poshmark 

  • Sharing on Poshmark

    Sharing on Poshmark

    Sharing On Poshmark Made Easy

    • Are you struggling to make sales?

    • Are you tired of putting in so much work into your Poshmark closet with nothing to show for it?

    Well, you’ve come to the RIGHT place.


    Sharing is the only way to quickly get more exposure of your closet items.
    Using our service you can expect more closet views, leading to more sales!
    we will share your Poshmark closet by the thousands, reaching more people than you’ve ever dreamed of.

    Poshmark has become one of the BIGGEST fashion / social marketplaces on the internet, and one of the only ways to really get the products in your closet out there is by sharing. sharing on poshmark

    It can literally take what seems like an eternity to share your closet over and over, and sharing it by yourself, to the SAME followers isn’t going to get you much exposure.

    The Poshmark Sharer will breathe new life into your closet, pushing every item in front of a set of NEW eyes because we only hire the BEST poshers with THOUSANDS of personal followers & beast closets.

    Why we are the best.

    • No Bots

    Poshmark Sharer operates in a totally organic state, which means, your closet will never be spammed or be flagged for abuse. We rely on our network of real users, our team consists of suggested, high level poshmark sellers. Not some network of sharing bots. These bots can get your account banned.

    • Help Boost Sales

    Our closet sharing service will help you increase sales and make the money you work so hard for.

    • Maximum Exposure

    Your closet will be shared and viewed by thousands of people from all over, exposure is key to making sales.

    Are you excited yet?

    It only gets better, people are making killer sales everyday and their profits are going through the roof because the offers on items are pouring in.

    REAL customer emails:

    “THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! your service has helped me tremendously! I have kids and hardly have ANY time for sharing on Poshmark, your sharing service saved me so much time! Im spending more time with my kids while also making money!!! THANK YOU!!”

     Jenniffer – Old Bridge, NJ

    “I just wanted to drop by to say thank you for your services, I ordered your basic package yesterday, and already I have 3 offers, and its only 10:30am! lol! 

    Audrey – FT Lauderdale, FL

    “Ive been doing this for a while, and i cannot get the volume of shares that you guys get me!, I WILL be ordering again real soon, ive been getting offers EVERY SINGLE DAY single i ordered your service, I just want to thank you again for being so amazing! 

    Catie – Brooklyn, NY


    Let us do all your sharing on Poshmark


    sharing on poshmark

     Your thinking this is going to be expensive.

    Well think again.

    Our basic package is only $4.99, and you get 1,100 shares!!!

    We have other plans and levels of service you can check out for yourself in our SHOP

    Still want more info? check out our FAQ