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    Fall Fashion Trends 2019

    Summer 2019 has been fun, and ridiculously hot but it is time to start thinking about fall fashion 2019. Many designers such as Chanel and Tom Ford have debuted their Fall 2019 line on the runways and it’s safe to say, Fall 2019 is looking good! Fall 2019 is all about the 90s’ and not just about all black everything. You’ll see lots of gem color-tones, but the color of the season, drumroll pleases…PURPLE!     Purple  Purple, not be confused with last year’s color dubbed “Ultra Violet” is seen all over the runway. Purple can range from light purple to a darker almost blue like shade. Designers from Gucci to Michael Kors has featured…

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    What is the Poshmark Affiliate Program, and How Can I Join? 

      What is the Poshmark Affiliate Program, and How Can I Join? If you thought selling clothes and accessories was the only way you could earn money on Poshmark, think again. In 2018 Poshmark announced they were launching a “Poshmark Affiliate” program. Just like any affiliate program, this Poshmark affiliate program also has its requirements as well as perks. Want to know more about the Poshmark affiliate program, and how you can cash in on this opportunity? Below you will find all the details about, Poshmark Affiliate.    First off, let us all get on the same page here on what an “affiliate” is. To be an affiliate or affiliated means you are officially connected to a company/person. Now, an affiliate…