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  • Stories

    The Lonely Truth of an Internet Reseller

    Being a full-time reseller is hard yet rewarding but the truth is, I’m lonely. Reselling full-time has opened many opportunities for me, like working my own hours, not having to commute to work as well as being able to spend time with my family. I had a career, a 9-5 that paid well, benefits included but I was never home and missed my family.  I left my career behind to work from home as a full-time online reseller and this is what happened.        So long office clothing, so long watercooler gossip and, hello to the Goodwill. The beginning of my new gig as a full-time online reseller had…

  • Tips

    Contacting Poshmark Customer Service

    The elusive Poshmark customer service, some say it’s a myth, some say emails are only answered on every full moon. Poshmark customer service is always a hot topic amongst the Poshmark community. We’ve all, at one point needed to reach out to Poshmarks customer service. Poshmark states that their “goal” is to respond to emails within 24 hours, however we know a legit response back from Poshmark (not automated) is rare within 24 hours. Below are some tips on how to approach Poshmarks customer service, for possibly a faster response. Email Emailing poshmark ( ) should always be your first action. After you’ve emailed Poshmark, a non-automated reply can…