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    Poshmark Home Market

    Did you hear the news? Poshmark is adding another new market! Yes, I know what you’re thinking…” gee, another new market?” Hear me out now, this new market will have us all scrolling for hours. Starting May 30th, Poshmark will launch “Poshmark Home”. No, this does not mean you can sell everything & the kitchen sink. Poshmarks “Home” market will be an amazing opportunity for the reseller community to grow within the Poshmark platform. Read on to learn what home items fall under Poshmarks new “Home” market and what items are trending within the world of home décor.  As soon as I heard about the soon to be “Poshmark Home” market I looked around my room to see what I was going to…

  • Tips

    How To Get More Followers on Poshmark

    The most sought after advice people always look for is, “how to get more followers on Poshmark?” If there was a magic button that I could press to make the millions of Poshmark users follow you, I would! However, I have the next best option, FACTS. Read below for tips on gaining followers on the Poshmark app.  First thing first, stop following people who have a low “following” number, I don’t care how popular they are or, if they’re an influencer. The odds are, they won’t be following you back. Remember, the goal is to gain as many followers as you can with as little clicks as possible.     Target…