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    Top 10 Unique Poshmark Finds

    Have you ever come across a listing on Poshmark that made you take a double look? With over 5 million active sellers on Poshmark, it was only a matter of time until we discovered some unique Poshmark finds. Now, when I say “Unique” I mean everything from, antiques, odd finds and even one of a kind luxury finds. Without future delay, lets venture into the mysterious realm of Poshmark finds.      1. “Float Like a Butterfly Sting Like a Bee”  It’s not every day you come across an authentic Mohamed Ali autographed glove on Poshmark. This would make any sports enthusiast happy to own.     2. Antique Victorian Globe 24KT Gold Plated Perfume Bottle  This 24kt plated Victorian era perfume bottle shines with class…

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    Poshmark School Market

    Poshmark School Market is yet another Posh Market released by Poshmark, and we at PoshmarkSharer.com  have all the info. So, what’s the new market? Drumroll please…introducing the ” Poshmark SCHOOL Market”. We heard a lot of you loud and clear on our IG…”Yes, because you can’t get folders for 18c at Walmart” – @theresalechic.posh.  This is the thing, the new Posh Market is more than just pens, pencils and folders. Keep reading for all the Poshmark School compliant items   Well, I guess we should start with the obvious, you guessed it, PENCILS! Poshmark School Market: Stationary    Pencils, Pens, Markers, Crayons, Chaulk…yea you get the point. Stationary is already…

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    Fall Fashion Trends 2019

    Summer 2019 has been fun, and ridiculously hot but it is time to start thinking about fall fashion 2019. Many designers such as Chanel and Tom Ford have debuted their Fall 2019 line on the runways and it’s safe to say, Fall 2019 is looking good! Fall 2019 is all about the 90s’ and not just about all black everything. You’ll see lots of gem color-tones, but the color of the season, drumroll pleases…PURPLE!     Purple  Purple, not be confused with last year’s color dubbed “Ultra Violet” is seen all over the runway. Purple can range from light purple to a darker almost blue like shade. Designers from Gucci to Michael Kors has featured…