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  • What is Cross-Listing and Why Should I Do It?

    What is Cross-Listing and Why Should I Do It?

    What is Cross-Listing and Why Should I Do It?

         The internet is not in short supply of reselling platforms such as, Poshmark and Ebay. Sure, you’re making a killing on Ebay and or Poshmark, why stop there, CROSS LIST! Cross listing is taking your available listings and relisting them onto another platform. There are many benefits of cross listing, of course with the pro’s come the cons. Lets discuss, shall we? 


    Congrats, you have enough sanity to take on another reselling platform!  Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, cross list! Cross listing is a great way to effectively boost your sales, profits and exposure. Not only  are you exposing your products to an entire new platform, you are also creating your very own competition. 


    -Double the Exposure 

    In order to make sales, your items need to be seen. Cross listing your items on to another platform will showcase your items to millions of people. If you’re feeling adventurous you could even sell worldwide on Ebay. I highly suggest NOT listing your items for worldwide shipping. I have done this, I have been burned, I have lost money and my damn mind. It’s a pain in the honeybuns. No, that’s not a type-o, I really said honeybuns. 

    -Increased profits 

    More listing more money, it’s that simple. Not everyone is on Poshmark, and not everyone is on Ebay. I have sold items that were not selling on Poshmark, on ebay as soon as I listed them.  

    -Create your own competitive pricing. 

    Creating your own competitive pricing is my secret weapon. If you are a bit crazy like myself, before you purchase something online, you do a quick google search to see if you can find it somewhere else cheaper. Your Poshmark and ebay listings show up within Google search, even when you go to Google Shop.  Sometimes I will list my Poshmark items just a bit higher than my Ebay items and vice versa. Creating those price differences has proven to bring buyer to both of my online shops, raising the odds of bundled orders. 

    -Ability to sell more than just clothing 

    We all have stuff besides clothing that we want to sell however, Poshmark does not allow you to list certain items. Below is a statement directly from Poshmark, stating what items are not compliant to list within their platform. 

     “We do not condone the buying or selling of electronics, cell phones, books, dvds, home goods, used makeup, used underwear, any health and wellness products (examples include lotions, body wash, diet supplements, protein powder, body wraps, breast pumps, curling irons and hair straighteners), non-fashion kids/baby items (examples include but are not limited to toys, bedding, strollers, bottles, formula, diapers and miscellaneous gear) and current airline and airport uniforms and related items (which include pilot, flight attendant, TSA, baggage attendant gate agents and all other flight and ground crew uniforms). Any listings in these categories will be deleted. Members who repeatedly attempt to sell such items risk permanent suspension from Poshmark.”  

    Just because you can’t list it on Poshmark, does not mean you can’t sell it somewhere else! It takes 2 minutes to make an ebay.com account. Do yourself a favor and make an ebay account. You will be able to sell and list so much more, resulting in an increase of profits! 




    -Time consuming 

    With the good comes the bad however, from experience this is the only downfall. Selling on multiple platforms may become time consuming. It is very important to answer potential customers in a timely fashion. You will be receiving questions and offers from all over the place, that’s a good thing! Just take a deep breathe, maybe a shot of Fireball and GET IT DONE!  





    Are you ready to take the jump from Poshmark to Ebay or Ebay to Poshmark, we can cross list ALL of your listings for you! Click the link below to order your cross-listing services today! We also offer Poshmark closet management services, starting at $4.99.  

    PoshmarkSharer.com Cross Listing

    Poshmark Prohibited Items Source : https://poshmark.com/prohibited_items_policy

  • The Best Time to Share and Follow on Poshmark

    The Best Time to Share and Follow on Poshmark

    The Poshmark Sharing Schedule

    The Best Time To Share and Follow on Poshmark


    By: Poshmark Sharer


    Staying active on Poshmark is very important if you want to make sales, gain followers and offers. Having a Poshmark sharing and following session during certain hours of the day is crucial for gaining maximum exposure. Below are some time frames proven to bring in extra sales, offers and followers.

    Self-sharing is extremely important. We recommend self-sharing your closet 3-4 times a day, this will ensure that the most people (across the US) will see your listing. With the minimum of 3 sessions and maximum of 4 sessions per day.

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    The Optimal Poshmark Sharing Schedule

    A great way to start the day is to share your items right before the morning rush hour. Keep in mind, Poshmark is available throughout the united states which carry different time zones. We like to run on EST, which is the earliest time-zone. Ideally sharing your closet around 8am EST will bring your items all the way to the top of the “Just Shared” list, making your items visible to everyone who logs on in the morning. Early bird gets the worm, so make sure you get those morning self-shares going!

    Afternoons can be a bit tricky. Lots of people are at work, school or just preoccupied with errands. Self-sharing during the afternoon is important however, if you can’t get it done, it’s ok! Ideally, we like to complete afternoon shares around 1pm EST. Any items that are available to be shared to the morning party will still be shared, as well as to your feed.  Now that you just shared your items, they jumped back to the “Just Shared” list, which again brings more eyes to your items.

    Sharing On Poshmark During Late Afternoon & Evenings

         Our two favorite times to share on Poshmark are 4pm and 9pm.  Both Self-sharing and community sharing is ideal for these times. This is what I call the “Poshmark Timezone Rush Hour” people just got out of work, their home finally relaxing, checking all of their social media’s, emails etc. Poshers have the time to sit down and focus in, so this is the time you should do the same.

    We noticed lots of traffic when completing one round of self-shares as well as 200-300 community shares. Yes, 200-300 community shares seems like a lot however, you’d be surprised how many posher share back. When these Poshers share back, they usually share more than 1 item. We typically see 5-10 items shared back! Now imagine if 90 Poshers out of those 200-300 you shared- shared your items 8 times, that would be 720 of your items shared during prime hours.

    Late Night Sharing On Poshmark

    Now this next time slot is from one of our awesome customers. Without further-ado, let me introduce the “Pub Crawl” hours of 1am-3am EST. This time-slot is not for the faint of heart! If you find yourself up at those super late (early?) hours, hop onto to Posh and give your closet a quick share.

    We see customers waking up to more offers and direct sales when we shared for them at these hours. During New Years Eve almost all of our virtual assistants and admins were working an all-nighter, completing shares and follows all night long. Without a doubt, that was the best weekend our customers have ever experienced. We seen a customer make 25 sales that night.  That was a great night! Ever since new years eve, customers have been asking for the “pub crawl” hour shares.

    We Can Share For You

    The same time slots can be applied for gaining followers. I would recommend not following during the middle of the day. When we completed follows during the lunch hours, we didn’t see much of a turn around. We roughly seen maybe 2 our of 10 follow back, not cool.

    Over all the hours between 9pm-2am EST are our gold hours. No matter what we do during those hours, whether it’s self-sharing, following, or community sharing we always see a great turn around in offers, followers, likes and sales. Of course, that is a lot of Poshmark for one day, but our Poshmark closet virtual assistants are here to help!  Do you want to try out the pub crawl hours, but can’t stay up that late? Fill out a contact form on our website, PoshmarkSharer.com and let us know how we can help!