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    How to Deal with a Difficult Customer 

    How to Deal with a Difficult Customer  Difficult customers, we’ve all had at least one. Potential and current customer may get upset for many reasons, maybe the item looks different in person, maybe they are upset with an items price going up. No matter what the issue is, there is always a way to fix it! Below are some tips on how to deal with upset or difficult customers.    Let them vent it ALL out  Allowing the customer to vent out all of their concerns, and feelings should always be the first step to defusing a difficult situation. Think about it, when you’re upset doesn’t it make you feel better after you…

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    What is the Poshmark Affiliate Program, and How Can I Join? 

      What is the Poshmark Affiliate Program, and How Can I Join? If you thought selling clothes and accessories was the only way you could earn money on Poshmark, think again. In 2018 Poshmark announced they were launching a “Poshmark Affiliate” program. Just like any affiliate program, this Poshmark affiliate program also has its requirements as well as perks. Want to know more about the Poshmark affiliate program, and how you can cash in on this opportunity? Below you will find all the details about, Poshmark Affiliate.    First off, let us all get on the same page here on what an “affiliate” is. To be an affiliate or affiliated means you are officially connected to a company/person. Now, an affiliate…

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    Top 10 Fashion Trends of Spring 2019

     Spring is right around the corner, do you know the top 10 fashion trends of 2019? Last year everyone was raging over the color “ultra violet”. The market was saturated in all types of purple lip sticks, pants, dresses and even hair. I was one of those ultra violet band-wagoners but now, I am in full swing with this year’s spring trends. Below is 10 of Spring 2019’s hottest trends.  Head-to-Toe Neutrals  Yet again, our safest spring fashion style is head-to-toe neutral colors. You can see models on every runway wearing all neutrals. Neutrals such as beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray and shades of white are your neutral colors however, stick to…