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    The Lonely Truth of an Internet Reseller

    Being a full-time reseller is hard yet rewarding but the truth is, I’m lonely. Reselling full-time has opened many opportunities for me, like working my own hours, not having to commute to work as well as being able to spend time with my family. I had a career, a 9-5 that paid well, benefits included but I was never home and missed my family.  I left my career behind to work from home as a full-time online reseller and this is what happened.        So long office clothing, so long watercooler gossip and, hello to the Goodwill. The beginning of my new gig as a full-time online reseller had…

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    Why I Stopped Reselling Online Exclusively Through Poshmark

    I’ve been reselling since I was little, it all started with the family garage sale. As time went on, I started to Sell on Ebay, then Poshmark and so on. I discovered the reseller community via social media. At first, I loved the reseller groups and influencers, I was learning so much until I was bullied. This is the story about my reselling journey through social media marketing,  and why I stopped reselling online exclusively through Poshmark.   Reseller Roots  Let’s go back to the good old dial up internet days, yes… that’s how long I’ve been reselling, let’s say mid 90’s. Here I am, trying to connect with locals who were interested in items, but then someone would call the house, and I’d get kicked…

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    PoshFest 2018

    PoshFest 2018 – Day One  Poshmark Event of the Year   The day has finally arrived, the ultimate parties of all Poshmark parties, POSHFEST.  Poshmark users from all over the country made their way to Dallas Texas to join Poshmark CEO, Manish Chandra as well as over 800 other Poshmark users at this year’s 2018 Poshfest. PoshFest was jam-packed with jaw dropping fashion and news like,  Poshmark Canada happening sometime in 2019. If you weren’t able to attend this year’s PoshFest, no worries! We have you covered.      This year’s Poshfest was held at “Gilley’s” located in Dallas, TX. Let me start off by saying, Poshmark knows how to decorate! They are well aware of the aesthetics and made sure we all would get some IG worth shots! There were so many neon…