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    Choosing The Perfect Poshmark Virtual Assistant Package for Your Closet – Poshmark Sharer

    Need Help Choosing the Perfect Poshmark Virtual Assistant Package for Your Closet ? A simple breakdown of our Poshmark virtual assistant packages   Managing your Poshmark closet used to be a breeze however, weeks, months and years have passed and now your Poshmark closet is out of control! No worries, managing your Poshmark closet with a Poshmark virtual assistant has never been so easy! We offer four premade monthly packages starting at $99 as well as custom packages, tailored to fit your budget and closet needs. Trying to pick between the 4 premade monthly virtual assistant packages? Today I will break down each package, helping you decide which package is right for you.  Poshmark Virtual Assistant Packages   Monthly Bronze Package – $99  30 consecutive days, including…