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    PoshFest 2018

    PoshFest 2018 – Day One  Poshmark Event of the Year   The day has finally arrived, the ultimate parties of all Poshmark parties, POSHFEST.  Poshmark users from all over the country made their way to Dallas Texas to join Poshmark CEO, Manish Chandra as well as over 800 other Poshmark users at this year’s 2018 Poshfest. PoshFest was jam-packed with jaw dropping fashion and news like,  Poshmark Canada happening sometime in 2019. If you weren’t able to attend this year’s PoshFest, no worries! We have you covered.      This year’s Poshfest was held at “Gilley’s” located in Dallas, TX. Let me start off by saying, Poshmark knows how to decorate! They are well aware of the aesthetics and made sure we all would get some IG worth shots! There were so many neon…

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    The Notorious Summer Sales Slump – How to benefit from the slow summer retail months 

    The Notorious Summer Sales Slump  How to benefit from the slow summer retail months         Summer is finally here, the weather is beautiful and everyone is ready to enjoy the beach, pool and well-deserved vacations. This all sounds perfect, but what about your sales? If everyone is out and about enjoying the summer sun, that means less people are online shopping. The summer months are notorious for drops within the resale market.  Did you notice a sudden drop in traffic, offers and sales on Poshmark? don’t throw in the towel yet! Here are some ways to benefit from the slower summer months.    Organize     Organizing inventory is my least favorite thing about reselling. There is not 1 thing about…

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    Poshmark Review From Senior Citizen Seller Stylists

    Poshmark Review From Senior Citizen Seller Stylists Honest answers from active Poshmark seller’s ages 65+   With over 4 million users on Poshmark, it seems like everyone and their mother is a seller stylist, but what about grandmother! That’s right, senior citizens are dominating the Poshmark platform, and you may not even realize it.  Poshmark’s marketing seems to be targeted towards women, men and kids..but what about senior citizens? Have you seen any of the recent videos Poshmark has released for T.V. and internet commercials? All of the “poshers” seem to fit a certain age group, why?  We asked three Poshmark users aged 65+ for their honest opinions about buying and selling on Poshmark. This is what they had to say: 1.Do you notice lots of shares, follows and likes within your closet?   ” I…

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    Poshmark Review – What Is Poshfest? – Poshmark Sharer

    Is fashion your passion?   Are you looking to have a legitimate fashion business?   Searching for Poshmark tips?   Want to expand and grow your business?   Check out this Poshmark review about why you should attend a Poshfest!!  WHAT IS POSHFEST?      What Do You Learn At A Poshfest?   Poshfest is more like a conference where Poshers gather to learn new techniques of Poshing and share experiences. By attending a Poshfest you will get to know how to manage your records and inventories, taxes and how exactly you can transform your closet on Poshmark into a legal business. You will also learn about getting business licenses and much more..   The Poshfest panel discussion will be interesting and will mostly be on the marketing strategies to be adopted…

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    Selling On Poshmark – Poshmark Tips For Success

    Selling On Poshmark Poshmark Tips For Success! If you are interested in selling on Poshmark, then first, we need to better understand the basics of the whole concept.Purchasing and reselling used, or pre-owned items has actually ended up being a popular method to make cash from your old stuff and also a popular way to save money by purchasing OTHER peoples old stuff! And I mean clothes! A variety of sites, such as eBay, Craigslist, and thredUP, have actually appeared to assist individuals sell their used products online. Among the most effective online markets is Poshmark, which links purchasers and sellers of designer clothes and devices. Selling on Poshmark is…