Tips For Re-Selling Shoes on Poshmark

Poshmark tips for selling shoes

Beware, shoes will steal your SOLE. HAH!

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You can find shoes at a thrift store or in the garbage, but either way, shoes are a woman’s best friend, I know because my wife sleeps with her shoe collection, and she keeps them all in dust covers and takes really good care of them. Shoes get their own chapter for a reason, they are the most abused article of clothing, and you really need to pay attention to detail when buying second hand shoes. When shoe shopping in a thrift store, check out your brand names. If you want to sell JUST shoes, I personally would go big or go home, refer to the bonus list included with this book.


Shoes at a thrift store are hit or miss, most of them damaged, and if they aren’t, they are usually priced way higher than all the others, especially if they are a popular brand name such as Chanel or Dior, if you come across one of the brand names on the bonus list in shoe form, inspect the shoe, areas of heels that are easily overlooked are the heel stems, make sure there are no markings or scuffs, if the bottom of the shoes look worn, that’s fine,  Hence thrift shopping. You are going to disclose that they are used when you go to sell them. If the bottoms are squeaky clean and have not a speck, that’s a bonus! Other areas of the shoe to check are the front where the toe is, being used, you need to check if the shoe has dragged on the floor or not, finally check the sides, check every seam check for odd stains. When a girl buys a shoe, she’s not just buying a shoe, she’s buying a friend for life… until she sells that friend or buys another one… but hey you get the point.

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