Top 10 Unique Poshmark Finds

Have you ever come across a listing on Poshmark that made you take a double look? With over 5 million active sellers on Poshmark, it was only a matter of time until we discovered some unique Poshmark finds. Now, when I say “Unique” I mean everything from, antiques, odd finds and even one of a kind luxury finds. Without future delay, lets venture into the mysterious realm of Poshmark finds. 



1. “Float Like a Butterfly Sting Like a Bee” 

It’s not every day you come across an authentic Mohamed Ali autographed glove on Poshmark. This would make any sports enthusiast happy to own.  

“Muhammad Ali boxing gloves autographed” @Bronxborn62


2. Antique Victorian Globe 24KT Gold Plated Perfume Bottle 

This 24kt plated Victorian era perfume bottle shines with class and elegance. Complete with a rose-topped dauber, bottle, and casing this item would make for a great conversation piece or an addition to your antique collection

“Antique Victorian Globe 24KT Gold Pltd Perf Bottle” @southernrags



3.Haunting Antique Pictures 

I mean, there’s something for everyone, right? These “Haunting pictures” listed on Poshmark will either make you run and hide under your bed or log onto Ancestry.com and start researching your ancestors. 

“Haunting Pictures” @superfurmomma



4. Top Ramen Tracksuit (Chicken Flavor)

Top Ramen Tracksuit @33Monkeys

Know someone that loves Top Ramen this much? 



5. Carrie Underwood Autographed Authentic LV Bag 

Carri Underwood Autographed Louis Vuttion Bag @mandriano8572

This is an amazing find! Still for sale, you can own this authentic Louis Vuitton /Carrie underwood autographed bag. I can only imagine how many LV bags she has signed, making this quite a rare Poshmark find. 


6. Victorian Edwardian Brown Satin Brocade Shoes 

“Victorian Edwardian Brown Satin Brocade Shoes” @velmavintage

 Waltzing their way on our top unique Poshmark finds list are these rare Victorian shoes. Edwardian shoes range between the 1900-1920s’ easily making these at least 100 years old!  



7. ” Fugglers Little Monster

“Fugglers Little Monster” @rlhutch

Aw, what a cute cuddly little…WHAT THE!? Believe it or not, this “Fuggler” isn’t as creepy as most. Some Fuggler dolls are known for having real human teeth.  Some parents even go as far as sewing their children’s baby teeth onto Fugglers. Imagine introducing your significant other to your parents and instead of them breaking out the baby photo albums, they bring out your baby-tooth Fuggler. 


8. ” Unicorn Poop Hand Knit Cardigan Man Sweater”

“Unicorn Poop Hand Knit Cardigan Man Sweater” @goodtreasures

This listing is full of nothing but awesomeness

Not only is this cardigan beautiful, but the marketing is also on point! Well done, sir, we applaud you for your uniqueness.  



9. Potty Piano Bathroom Fun Toe Tapping

“Potty Piano Fun Toe Tapping” @Yeshuda

 When your phone gets no signal in the bathroom… 



10. “Antique Flamethrower” 

“Antique Flamethrower” @Jlowen

Sick of your friends stealing your lighters, no worries! I am at a loss of words on this one. Do yourself a favor and read the listing description (Linked below). 

Have you come across any unique Poshmark finds you’d like to share?

Comment your Poshmark finds below!

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